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Loud [] "Navy" the logic of science and technology – Sohu on the 28 of last month, due to the spread of the brush tool failure shut down, a well-known so-called WeChat was played back to the prototype, suspected long brush single black chain also surfaced. A report in the Guangzhou daily interviewed the Internet boom and bubble maker. A person responsible for the promotion of the Internet company is to describe their work: I feel that they are doing new media ah, and advertising is the same, just to help enterprises to promote. Brush volume is obviously a fraud. To a small, bad money to expel good money, go to the big, brush amount in the destruction of advertising and content industry. But the logic is "reasonable": data fraud? This… This… For example, High German map said he has 700 million users, a software used to say he how much the amount of reading, but when asked to point to boast, can understand. How do the Navy, such as a leader in Taiwan on the speech, the following people on the brush of applause, this is not a navy, who knows in advance there is no greeting. We’re just gonna do things online. If you have to say "reasonable", that is the most willing to everyone to deceive: operators false numbers, PR brush volume report, Party A or only care about the reputation, in the interests of the chain in each one takes what he needs, no one is really a fool, we all know his own party a money pit. The most terrible is the emotional card: like the Navy basically are disabled, there are students in our industry, feed at least tens of thousands of people, a part-time job every day to do a month can earn two thousand or three thousand completely, if not in this industry, there may be a lot of people unemployed. A lie is not terrible, terrible is a lie to cover another lie.            相关的主题文章: