Luxury and personality, the new choice of new Jaguar XFL will be on the market – Sohu car chompoo araya

"Luxury and individuality" the new choice of the new Jaguar XFL is listed Sohu (the Sohu – car car Xiao Mengmeng) domestic luxury car is represent the general trend currently Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, as the representative of the luxury brand car companies have to speed up the localization process, and strive to launch more in line with China consumer preferences for products, in order to get more high market share in the world’s largest car market. As one of the luxury brand car Jaguar Land Rover naturally aware of the importance of localization, has realized the Land Rover brand two SUV models of local production, while the Jaguar brand also outdone, its first domestic models XFL the new Jaguar in April this year has been held by the Beijing Auto Show debut, the new car will be officially listed in August 29th. Listed on the eve of the new Jaguar XFL, Jaguar Land Rover held a small range of communication media will include Sohu, Jaguar Land Rover automobile, joint marketing and service organizations (IMSS) President Bi Shaopu, Jaguar Land Rover joint marketing and service organizations (IMSS) Executive Vice President Hu Jun, Chery Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dai Murui, Chery Jaguar Land Rover executive vice president Chen Xuefeng four senior leadership attended the new Jaguar XFL, which shows the importance of Jaguar Land Rover development in china. As the Jaguar brand in China launched the first product, the new XFL has a clear market positioning, Bi Shaopu said "the new Jaguar XFL is a new style sports car business, our position is very unique, outstanding extraordinary, extraordinary, 35-45 year old entrepreneur, entrepreneur is the new Jaguar XFL target customer groups." The new Jaguar XFL is a large luxury car, with Audi A6, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class in the same segment of the market, although this market segment has been formed and the potential of the feudal lords vying for the throne, three main models have also formed a monopoly, but the choice of the space is not from the user’s point of view, in addition. More and more attention Chinese consumers change. Hu Jun said that even if all business people, we use models are various, also has its own driving demand, hope the handling is good, hope is a very commercial vehicle, also has a very stylish." For the diversified and personalized, vice president Hu Jun has a lot to say, he added "the first to buy a luxury car is a symbol of identity, but the market seems to be the only Chinese ABB (Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz), and consumers want diversification and individuation, have very high value, but it is out of the ordinary. In the mainstream society, and maintain individuality." Hu said the total natural sense, emphasizing the new style and more young fashion after the listing of the new Jaguar XFL, will bring a new choice for large luxury car market segments, but the car will in large luxury car market segments to shake the dominance of ABB, we can only wait and see. In addition to competing goods vehicle outside the new Jaguar XFL meet as equals, also has an important significance for the Jaguar brand itself. As the Jaguar brand’s first domestic models, the new Jaguar XFL in body size is very down to earth, the new car wheelbase reached 3100 mm in length, and!相关的主题文章: