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Internet-Marketing Article marketing has be.e so important that the articles are always more important to the success of your online as well as a high Google’s list. The reason is very simple, though, before they are the reason why I say I want to emphasize that I have written a highly regarded book about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to use it for almost immediate and high listings on Google and other search engines. It is therefore contrary to my own products. This means that not too long, I have the search engine marketing as the best and most profitable way of promoting and advertising your website and products or services. But this has changed everything. While SEO is still important, it is not on Web pages that you should focus your efforts, but in the letter. If the puzzle, then read on and learn how article marketing and article writing you can send money without spending. By writing articles you can create your products in many different ways. You can text to your site is much better that spending too much time or money on search engine optimization. Although SEO is a very important aspect for most online marketing campaigns, have you ever stopped to think and examine what is actually on Google about you – assuming you can even create your own Web pages on Google, or any other search engine? Probably not, but if you have, then you are likely to find published articles directory sites as you regularly browse pages. In those days, search engine entries are just as likely to article directory sites, and for free advertising, you should write and send the article, based on your website or product. Article service pages you can download it for you if you do not write your own, and the article directories are SEO professionals that your item is the best chance that all of the above Web site for your niche. Article Marketing is the new way to the top! Article marketing is taking over from regular SEO and website marketing very quickly, but most people are missing out because they are neither article online services, the article marketing advice, available to them. They are $ 97 for a day on a ping eBooks and senseless texts range from a jolt or another, and miss the bigger picture. In fact, you have no need for a website, if your article on the search engines. You can sell products and make a lot of money just by writing articles. The fact is, literally, and it can be demonstrated. However, this is not the place to do that. It is important that you do not your head too much from the traditional SEO sharks offer a page # 1 position for everything from 100 to 1000 dollars! What would you do if 11 customers asked for a Page # 1 entry for the same keywords: the whole thing is ridiculous. Unless the site is on page # 1, they do it for you if they are not for themselves? Article service sites can do much more for you by teaching you Article modern marketing techniques that really work. Here are the steps to take to free advertising for your website, without doing anything but write. Not a single page on your site must be optimized for each keyword, if you article marketing as advertising technology, only the articles that you write. 1. Some keyword research and find the most frequently used keywords for your niche. Even those who have the least supply – these are the key words and phrases that are used the least of your .petitors. 2. Use both types, regardless of the delivery of the first, or the demand for the second, as the title and theme for your items. Then write an article based on the best keyword you have found. 3. Use the keyword in the title, first 100 characters and again in the first number (of about 50 – 70 words). Use it in the last paragraph, and again for every 300 words in your article. 4. Provision of information in your article, and write so that everyone wants to read it to learn more about what you write. Just as I do now. Because its about your money without having to pay for everything. It’s free advertising. 5. A link at the end of the article or in the "Author’s Resource Box", if one is, that leads back to a page on your site directly related to the topic of your article. Mine here will take you to a page that explains how to write the article, market it properly and make money from them, whether you have a website or not. Most people have no idea what article marketing can do for them, services and Web sites can help you to reach your goals, by providing articles for you if you can not write them himself effectively. Article Marketing is the new SEO and Web sites are rapidly second or even third place article directory pages, Squidoo lenses, MySpace and You Tube offerings. Get in the modern world and the application of Article marketing and services to your website and products advertised and start some real money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: