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Man stabbed her boyfriend said the other door provocation – Sohu news yesterday, the defendant Wu tried in court that he wants the court to "fair judgment". Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo Beijing News (reporter Wang Wei) 50 year old Wu and his ex-wife divorced for 22 years has been living under the same roof, with a knife in his wife’s current boyfriend Kim drunk home beating Wu’s process, Wu knife stabbing chest and lead to the death of Mr. Kim, yesterday morning, Wu suspicion of intentional assault trial in court. Wu defense lawyers believe that Wu’s behavior should be regarded as excessive defense. Quarrel with each other in the chest stabbed 50 year old Wu, the former is Dongguan Dongying Cci Capital Ltd Beijing branch manager. According to the prosecution allegations, Wu and his wife, Ms. Feng, because of work problems in 1994 after the divorce agreement still live together. The second half of 2015, pingmou 51 year old victim Kim developed into lovers, because Ms. Feng made the end of communication, Mr. Kim repeatedly with Ms. Wu and Wu quarrel. In April 17th this year, 5 in the afternoon, Mr. Kim went to the city of Mentougou Wu and Ms. Feng’s residence, away Ms. Feng, and beat Ms. Feng in the corridor. Wu and Mr Kim to quarrel, and housekeeping in a fruit knife in the right lung and chest Mr sakin, Kim, leading to acute hemorrhagic shock and death. Prosecutors believe that it should be held criminally responsible for the crime of intentional injury. The defendant hoped that the fair judgment, he threatened the door, how can I do?" Wu accused the prosecution of the fact that the recognition, said he was very sorry not to deal with this matter, and I hope the court to his fair decision. The defense lawyers, Wu and his ex-wife Ms. Feng was a state-owned colleague, married in 1991 and had a daughter in 1994, Wu want to resign, to avoid the influence of the wife two fake divorce, after the two sides have been living together, work together to raise her daughter. According to Wu, said his ex-wife in the last year with Mr. Kim exchanges, and before the Spring Festival this year, living together with mr.. "The results (ex-wife) were injured, suffering from depression," Wu said in court he also continued to sob, he and his family were harassed. Prosecutors issued evidence that Mr. Kim has repeatedly called Wu and Ms. Feng harassment, and threatened to threaten her daughter. During this period, Ms. Feng said repeatedly to break up with Mr. Kim, but has always been entangled. Wu recalled, in April 17th the day of the incident, Mr. Kim to the Wu family zamen curse, the ex-wife Kim pulled out his alarm on the balcony, waiting for the police, heard outside the growing tussle sound out of the door to see Mr Kim with a knife, and then back to the house and took a fruit knife out of the door again at this time, Ms. Feng has been lying on the ground motionless, "he took the knife to me came, I have no place to hide, took the knife over……" Although after Wu reported to the police, but Mr. Kim has not been rescued. After the blood identification, Kim in the event of a drunken state.相关的主题文章: