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Manulife TEDA equity investment research team is the frequent change of turbulence Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: Manulife TEDA shares frequent change of sequelae was established 14 years old (formerly ABN AMRO TEDA Manulife TEDA Fund Management Co. Ltd.) investment research team turmoil, the day before, Manulife TEDA fixed income investment research with Zhuo Ruowei announced his resignation, leaving the 9 product management fund manager positions. In addition to leave the star fund manager, in recent years, the company’s senior management is not stable, in the market analysts, which earlier Manulife TEDA frequent changes in ownership relations, increased instability also restricts the overall development, the scale of information management has been hovering around 30 billion yuan. The investment research team is unrest in September 27th, Manulife TEDA fund relief issued the 9 fund managers change announcement, the company declared the original fund manager Ruo Wei for personal reasons, and in July 4th this year, the fund manager Lv Yuechao also revealed home, Manulife TEDA Investment research team personnel on the uneasy. Beijing Daily reporter noted that before the departure of Zhuo Ruowei also manages the revenue bond fund, Manulife TEDA Manulife TEDA risk budgeting hybrid funds, hybrid funds, TEDA Manulife TEDA with multiple Return Bond Fund 9 fund products. In addition to a number of investment research will, Zhuo Ruowei or Manulife TEDA director of fixed income, also served as the company’s fixed income department deputy general manager and other positions. As Manulife TEDA star fund manager Zhuo Ruowei, this year also won the prize fund industry Chinese yinghua. Beijing Daily reporter noted that in Zhuo Ruowei before leaving, but also manage 3 year new products, including the management of Manulife TEDA sadahiro hybrid fund established for September 13th, Manulife TEDA Huili bond fund and Manulife TEDA with mixed fund, set up time was in August 30th. This also means that these 3 funds managed by Zhuo Ruowei less than a full moon on the submission of the outgoing book. Market analysts have pointed out that Zhuo Ruowei’s abrupt departure will not only bring impact to Manulife TEDA fixed income team, and subscribe for the new fund for Zhuo Ruowei good management performance is also somewhat unfair to the Christian democrats. Fund managers usually need to leave the transition period of at least 2-3 months, if the company ahead of time, it should not be in the name of the fund manager to leave to raise. The reason for the departure of Zhuo Ruowei and the future, the relevant person in charge of Manulife TEDA fund company said that due to the recent not seen himself, so do not understand the situation. Along with Zhuo Ruowei, Xiong Zhuang, Lv Yuechao’s home, the number of fund manager team Manulife TEDA is decreasing. According to the third party platform data show that the current Manulife TEDA remaining 13 fund managers, most of them accumulated working time not more than two years of "rookie" manager, such as Pang Baochen, Zhuang Tengfei, Zhou Qikai, Yang Chao, Zhang Xun, Ding yu-jia1 cumulative fund manager’s time period was 67 days, 1 years 137 1 days, 137 days, 350 days, 1 years 1 years on 1相关的主题文章: