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China maternal and child health growth around the world – Jiangsu Provincial Maternal and child fetal University Station in September 25, 2016, China maternal and child health growth Wanlixing in Jiangsu Province Maternal and child – fetal University (Nanjing) successfully held the "seminar of pregnancy weight management. Activities organized by the China infant development forum organized by the committee, the lecture was supported by the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiangsu. At the same time to get the support of good children group, Suning red children and other enterprises and institutions, Mom Network, Mamy Poko, Tencent parenting as a strategic cooperation media coverage. China’s maternal and child health activities – Jiangsu province MCH special lecture invited to Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, director Ceng Shan to conduct a special lecture for everyone. Zeng Shan, director of pregnancy weight management is the key to maternal and child health as the theme of the site to be explained in detail mothers. The main contents of this paper are as follows: "what is the management of pregnancy weight", "why to carry out the pregnancy weight management" and "how to carry out the pregnancy weight management". A generous gift and draw the scene, pregnant mothers in the joy of motherhood in a more safety and protection of the classroom, mothers are rapt attention, have said that the lecture was wonderful, benefit. And participate in the expert Q & a session, and experts face to face interaction. Every mother care is the baby love, every mother’s pay are worthy of our praise, Chinese maternal and child health growth around the world is committed to the cause of maternal and child health, from pregnancy to parenting, comprehensive for mother and baby escort, popularize scientific child rearing knowledge. Next station: September 29th Chinese Wanlixing – the growth of maternal and child health hospital [Special] northwest of XiAn Railway Station相关的主题文章: