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Finance Bitcoin is gaining mainstream acceptance and there is a good reason that is the case. Frustrated with the fiat system and the national tendency to overspend and to print currency as an answer to financial woes, people are turning to a store of value that does not lose its value through printing and is not in direct control of any one country. Governmental accountability and financial responsibility has .e under serious scrutiny, especially in the last few years as central banks, economics experts and governing bodies have done all that they could to shore up and maintain the current financial structure. Citizens aren’t as dumb as governments think though. They see what is going on and how there is increasing instability in the currency markets. Forced devaluation and eroding confidence has opened the door for a currency revolution and how business is transacted around the globe. In a few short years, Bitcoin has gained traction and created a brand new marketplace. Now the currency faces one of its biggest challenges, adoption by mainstream consumers. The idea of digital currency is a new concept and a new idea and acceptance is not always easy. Getting people to use a new method of payment requires change and the pain that goes along with it. Sometimes change requires pain and sacrifice. That is what people are choosing because they are fed up with the status quo. So if you are a Bitcoin believer, how can you facilitate the acceptance of Bitcoin? Most importantly, there has to be a way to earn Bitcoin and a way to spend it. The first is a subject for many articles down the road. The latter, how and where can you spend Bitcoin, is progressively easier. There are thousands of merchants worldwide who now accept Bitcoin and they can be found in directory websites. These vendors accept Bitcoin for their goods and services. Many of these sites offer listings not only based on location but the really good directories separate physical from internet presence and one Premier Bitcoin directory even allows you to create free classified listings for you to sell your own items in a highly visible location. Services surrounding Bitcoin are more and more available and some service providers stand head and shoulders above the others when it .es to what they can do for you. So if you are looking for a merchant, simply go to your nearest Bitcoin directory and you will find them there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: