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Fitness-Equipment Electric golf trolleys are the latest "must have" accessory for the modern golfer and one of the best manufacturers on the market is the relatively new brand of Motocaddy. Since arriving on the scene in 2005, Motocaddy have developed the design, technology and reliability of the electric golf trolley to the extent that it can meet the needs of even the most demanding golfer. An example of this development is the inclusion of an integrated GPS distance measuring unit into the golf trolley and it’s surprising that this technology took so long to find its way into such an obvious application. The inclusion of GPS is the result of a collaboration between Motocaddy and Sureshot to produce the S5 GPS and Motocaddy’s range is .pleted by the S1 and S3 Digital. The whole range of Motocaddys electric golf trolleys are made from a sturdy aerospace aluminum frame, and power is provided by a whisper quiet 200W motor. Motocaddy have designed them so that they are lightweight (7.6kg) and easy to fold so that they can be folded down to fit into the boot of virtually any car. The S1 Digital is the ideal trolley for golfers of all abilities, as it’s incredibly easy to use and offers excellent value for money. Motocaddy have .bined the nine digital speed settings and on-off button into one single button. Golfers will also always know how much battery is left, as the S1 Digital has a battery meter for its new light weight battery. The S3 Digital is a bit flashier than the S1 Digital and has won multiple awards from numerous well established golfing magazines. It also has the nine speed digital settings, with a stylish blue-backlit display and battery meter. With the S3 Digital you also have the option of three distance readings, time and Adjustable Distance Control (ADC), which let the golfer send the S3 Digital off towards the next tee up to any distance of 60 yards in 5 yards increments. The S5 GPS is the worlds first motorized golf trolley that has build in GPS providing the keen golfer exact yardages to front, middle and back of the greens, as well as identifying any hazards that might be in their way. The golfer can record every statistic they like from greens and fairways in regulation, sand saves, up and downs, driving distance and putts per hole. The S5 Digital shares many features with the S1 & S3 Digital and also .es with a remote control providing a hands free option. If you wish to get some exercise then the Sureshot GPS can be detached and used independently of the trolley. Motocaddy have recently announced that they plan to delay the launch of the S5 GPS model citing problems with the reliability and potential long term product support for the unit. This concern centres around the GPS element of the product and they wish to secure the required level of service back up for the supplied electronic .ponents from their collaboration with Sureshot. The issues seem particularly intractable since Motocaddy have also decided not to continue as the European Distributor for Sureshot, although they will offer product support to customers that have purchased handheld GPS units until a new Distributor is appointed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: