National Day holiday just want Ge You paralysis The 7 day of skin care strategy lies can also become

National Day holiday just want Ge You paralysis? The 7 day skin care strategy lies can also change the United States – Fashion – People’s original title: National Day holiday just want Ge You paralysis? The 7 day care Raiders lying can also become beautiful young woman just out of the campus into the workplace, in a few years, will be from the peach had the succulent become sallow old cucumber, and arch-criminal is long with makeup, face the computer for a long time to get up early and lifestyle. Complained that the usual work too busy no time to take care of the skin, then you have to make good use of this precious 7 day holiday, so that the skin full of blood resurrection. Day 1 day began with long-term skin makeup from makeup clean, even makeup will cause no small burden to the skin, and make skin restore full makeup is the first step of their conditioning function. Therefore, the highlight of the first day is clean, usually for no good treatment of closed pores, acne and blackhead on site to do a deep cleaning. The facial cleanser foam, gently massage the face of the circle, you need to stay longer than usual 30 seconds. After cleaning, in the just mentioned problem site smear clean mask, wait 10~15 minutes after the wash. After cleaning, do a good job moisturizing work for second days to prepare. Day 2 of the skin to remove the dark tan to regain the bright after a variety of summer sweat out of oil, the surface of the skin must have accumulated a lot of old waste horny. With the autumn season, The new supersedes the old. is relatively slow, the color easy appears dark without light, can choose exfoliating products cleaning the surface of the skin is dark, let the follow-up maintenance program is more readily absorbed. (car: cormon, commissioning editor Li?) original title: National Day holiday to Ge You tan? The 7 day of skin care lies lying can also change the United States Day 3 inside and outside the great replenishment of intensive moisturizing moisturizing muscle moisturizing skin is more important to the skin, no need to add more tired. But usually in the early morning when the face of moisturizing care, the skin is still limited, especially in the poor state of the skin, the supplement of water may be volatile 60%. Recommended to prepare a spray bottle, your daily use of make-up water and essential oil to the ratio of 15:1 into which, every 1 hours on the opposite side of the spray. At the same time at home do not forget to drink at any time, you can add red dates, wolfberry and other ingredients, made into a cup of beauty drinks. Compared with ordinary white boiling water, for better oh. Day 4 intensive eye care farewell laugh lines in the face every day to complete the work on the basis of replenishment from the beginning of the fourth day can increase the steps of eye care. But the problem is not a short duration of time can improve the eye, taking into account the vacation time is limited, so focus on eye massage, let the eyelid fluid discharged through the front of the ears and neck lymph nodes, to help reduce puffiness, alleviate the black eye. Step 1 out of the corn grain size of the eye cream, evenly located in the eye below the location. Step 2 will cross the cross between the two index finger, so that the fingers become more warm, warm fingers can promote the blood circulation of the eye region, increase the penetration of eye cream. Step 3 place the thumb on the hairline, gently massage with the index finger in the eye, slowly down the nose, and repeat three times from the inside to the outside相关的主题文章: