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Interior-Decorating Natural stone wall and floor tiles can add subtle elegance and make stunning features in your home. These materials were once the preserve of kings, but due to the modernisation of manufacturing processes in recent decades these materials now offer practical, affordable and luxurious solutions for walling and flooring. The four most popular kinds of interior stone tiles are Limestone, Granite, Travertine and Marble. Limestone is a sedimentary stone which is .monly quarried and used in the UK as a building material, although limestone tiles are imported from many areas worldwide, predominantly India, Israel and Turkey. Limestone Tiles are one of the softest stone tiles and should not be used in any area which receives heavy traffic. The colours of Limestone tiles are mainly earthy tones of greens, blues, greys, creams, beiges and dark browns, Limestone is also a popular stone tile for bathroom areas. Granite is an igneous rock which can be found all over the world including most of mainland Europe, but granite stone tiles are predominantly imported from India and China. Granite is known for having varying colours and patterns within each variation of the material and it is also known to provide stunning black tiles. Granite stone tiles are often used in contemporary, luxurious environments but they are also being more .monly used in kitchens, where the owner wishes to match their stone tile floor to their kitchen countertops. Travertine is actually another form of Limestone, but due to its distinctive appearance and nature of the material it is .monly regarded as a unique material. Travertine tiles .e in a variety of dark and light, beige and yellow tones. They are also produced to several different finishes including honed, filled, unfilled and tumbled. Travertine tiles have be.e very popular in recent years for residential kitchens and bathrooms. Marble starts life as Limestone which is then crystallised by immense heat and pressure. Marble tiles .e in a multitude of colours and patterns which are created from the minerals and chemical elements in the stone. Some of the most popular marble tiles are white, many of which originate from Carrara in Italy. Marble tiles are one of the hardest wearing stone tiles and are .monly used in .mercial areas such as shopping centres and corporate offices. They are also popular in high-end residential developments which require classical apparel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: