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The network media go turn change: the electronic commerce circle of rural people’s entrepreneurial dream – Beijing, Beijing, Qingyang, September 24, (Zhong Qing) "in 59 days, the red bean Taobao sales jumped to the second." This is the Qingyang city Food limited liability company record wheat Huan County boarding sales performance, and founder of the Liu Yaxun heart, but hidden in the larger goal, "one day, wheat will put small grains in boarding, made of grains of mengniu." Liu Yaxun was a teacher, regardless of family opposition, to give up stable work, resolutely join entrepreneurial team. At first, he had no experience, wide net, and had sold cold noodle project, put off stall, but received grains, the results are in operation failed. In the face of family members do not understand, as well as the financial crisis caused by the failure of many businesses, I did not want to give up." Liu Yaxun said, it was a chance to let him see development opportunities in Internet plus agriculture ". Based on the advantages of producing grains in Huan County, and then a "packaging" by means of electronic commerce, it is today’s "good old Jimmy" Taobao shop, this is the only one with two crown in the Taobao store. The workers are boarding wheat packaging products. Everything is hard in the beginning, because of the lack of operational experience, will set up the wheat suffered a bottleneck, can not find the market let Liu Yaxun very headache. Liu Yaxun recalled that at the end of March this year, wheat or a no flow, no boarding transformation, product ranking three noes shop. This shop is based on how hard it is, I understand better than he. But Liu Yaxun did not give up, and actively docking professional operations groups, conducted a one to guide learning, slowly improved. Now, wheat boarding record 29 days let the store sales of red bean into the national sales of the top 30, the top 10 search keywords, train the top 5 record. On the one hand, Liu Yaxun’s success stems from its own efforts; on the other hand, it also benefited from the development of the county, e-commerce center of the background. In recent years, in relying on the national implementation of the "Internet plus" strategy to support the development of rural e-commerce, e-commerce into the comprehensive demonstration work as an important starting point to boost rural poverty. In the exhibition hall of small grains. At present, Huan county has been built to high standards of the electronic commerce business incubator center and the electronic commerce service center, the 21 towns of e-commerce service station full coverage, the new village e-commerce service point 135, above scale enterprises to cultivate 40 households, the development of online sales of 135 enterprises and individual business households 820 shop. Not only that, a number of large electricity providers are still located here operations. Huan county was listed as a Jingdong group business poverty alleviation pilot counties, the County Service Center has inaugurated operations of Jingdong; in online Chinese Museum in the mid July market characteristics in Alibaba; "double" pilot work is also actively docking. Since 2015, in the electronic commerce online transactions total 286 million yuan, directly driven by poor people per capita income of 180 yuan, an increase of more than 4 thousand and 300 jobs. (end)相关的主题文章: