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Alfa, the new brand of China’s independent channel next year – Sohu auto September 21st, NBD car exclusively learned that, Alfa, next year, the Chinese market will enter the market in the next year, the next step is to enter the Chinese market, the next year. Martha Lahti insiders said: Alfa, who is determined to enter China next year, the company is currently under construction, vehicle testing, distribution network layout, such as the early preparation for." Recently, Alfa? Romeo road test spy disguised widely circulated on the Internet, is believed to be Alfa? Romeo will enter the Chinese evidence. For Alfa, China will introduce the model and configuration, the above insiders did not disclose the specific content of the Romeo. But according to the road test photos have been exposed, speculated that the vehicle is likely to be Giulia, so the model was the first opportunity to introduce a larger. The entry-level version of the model in Europe, the price of about 250 thousand yuan, or will compete with BMW’s 3 series, Jaguar XE models. As early as 3 or 4 years ago, Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) CEO Marchioe had publicly stated that the introduction of Alfa, Romeo, China, but there has been no further action. The Martha Lahti China insiders said, our project team is also 1 months ago to receive this task, as to why the introduction of China, which is the group decided that we do not know." The source also said to NBD car, Alfa, Romeo will be introduced through the establishment of an independent channel in China, is currently set up a new company, the new company will be responsible for the current principle of the team in charge of the. After entering China, Alfa, Romeo’s position will be lower than that of the United States, to seek a higher market share, the number of dealers will be more than the number of people in the world, the number of dealers will be more than the number of dealers in the market, the number of dealers will be higher than the number of dealers will be more than the number of dealers, the number of dealers will be more than". According to rough statistics, at present, the number of domestic dealers in Martha Lahti about 45. Alfa? Romeo as a long history of the Italy brand, although the loyal fans, but the public awareness is low, and in recent years in some overseas market performance just passable. For example, in the U.S. market, in 1996, Alfa, Romeo had withdrawn from the U.S. market, until the end of 2014 before re entering the U.S. sales, and only one 4C models in the sale. FCA sales data show that in August of this year, Alfa, Romeo in the United States sales of 37 units, the cumulative sales of the first 8 months of the year was 375, down by 17%. Alfa in the European market, Romeo? Kingpin models for MiTo and Giulietta, in August this year, thanks to the new Giulia listed, its sales rose 17.3%, to 3300 vehicles, and 8 months before the cumulative sales of 41 thousand and 500 vehicles. In May 2014, FCA has claimed to be in 2018, so that Alfa’s global sales growth of 5 times to the number of vehicles, while sales in North America will grow from zero to 150 thousand vehicles by the year of. At that time, overseas analysts pointed out that this goal is not practical. Investment research firm Sanford C. Bernstein)相关的主题文章: