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The new Jeju Island cattle Island Tourism Raiders – Sohu a few days delicacy before traveling and friends talked about at the beginning of the September South Korea trip to Jeju Island, and reminded me of the happy time, good things always feel fast, time is the same, the second one is to cherish. On the stroke of DAY1: Guangzhou – Xiamen – Jeju – DAY2 – blue tea on the Regency Hotel: Jeju City Commercial Street shop – carrot – yuan San Shi at the beginning of the Jinling Ranch – longevity Love Island Restaurant host Park Sunshine DAY3: clear hole – ark Church – mountainpharmaceutical DIPE the soup Temple City mountain port cattle island under the ancient tunnel Monroe Marilyn Beach – West Coast White Coral Beach coffee – sashimi and noodles – Miss Jun cattle island DAY4: cow Island surface onion cake – cow island lighthouse park – Jeju city of Xinluo duty-free shop – month Ting Restaurant – month ting in B & B DAY5: Jeju Island – Shanghai – Guangzhou on the first journey time to go to Jeju Island was three years ago, when Japan and South Korea to watch the cherry blossom is very fight. Although the United States and the United States, but met a few days of rain, how much is still a little disappointing. This time I will come to Jeju Island to continue my unfinished journey. Guangzhou is not a direct flight to Jeju, so in Xiamen after the transfer to Jeju international airport. Friends and colleagues, laughter always feel that time passes very quickly. Travel notes recorded my 5 day trip in Jeju Island, let me know a new Jeju Island. I’m impressed in addition to delicacy, the original 15 minutes boat ride from Jeju Island cattle Island, has once again brought me more unknown fairyland. Here follow the feather son to feel Jeju Island and cattle island. Based on the Jeju Island Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea, is a typical volcanic island, one of the world’s seven new wonders of nature. The volcano formed 1 million 200 thousand years ago, the center of the island is formed by volcano 1950 meters above sea level the highest peak of South Korea – Hallasan (Mt.Halla). Marine climate of Jeju Island known as " South Korea’s Hawaii ". Not only the beautiful Jeju Island island has a unique beautiful scenery (Yeongju ten), but also inherited the ancient kingdom of special Tamna folk culture. A coral island, the island of the sea, the island of the island, such as the name of the island, is located in the eastern part of Jeju, an island. The entire island like woniu, so " " the name of the island; cattle. As the cow Island (2000), (2004) film on location, Jeju has become one of the most representative tourist attractions, known to the world. Because Jeju Island to Chinese citizens visa free, so it is very convenient to travel to Jeju Island, Jeju can be 48 hours after entering the, there is a need to go to Seoul is a good way to get a visa. Visa: visa free for Chinese citizens. Time: 1 hours faster than Beijing time. Currency: currency. Language: Jeju Island Korean, in recent years, many Chinese tourists later, Chinese also l相关的主题文章: