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The latest research: VR can help people overcome their fear – [Technews] new technology technology Sohu fear is an instinct of animal behavior, when making corresponding escape behavior in the face of danger to protect their own safety. However, exaggerated fear will cause many inconvenience, such as fear of flying, claustrophobic etc.. According to the latest research, VR is not only a new generation of pioneering work, can help mankind to overcome their fear, by constantly contact the way of virtual reality used to fear the existence of things. Swedish psychologist Philip Lindner believes that VR has a great help for the treatment of patients with fear is, he said, if you can allow patients to contact their fears in VR, and then try to stay a long time in that environment, can help them in real life against fear. In order to prove his idea is correct, Lindner suffers from arachnophobia patients wearing VR to do the experiment, and let them watch close-up shots of the spider, to study whether this method can really reduce the real effect of the fear of spiders. Through the VR in the picture, not only has had terrible spider appearance, can also be under the control of the doctor, let the patients understand that in general it is not dangerous, so they can from your own heart to overcome fear, fear disappears. The experimental results are quite consistent with Lindner’s conjecture, many patients in the process greatly reduced their fear of spiders, and even that they have been able to touch the real life of the spider. In addition, Lindner will also use this method in another VR (The Power of Swimmimg), the experiment, hope that through the strength of the children of fear of water can have the courage to swim. They first let the children with VR, experience with 3 coaches with their relaxed feeling of swimming in the water, the second stage to take the actual water in the pool, finally they all successfully to swim in the real life of middle school. In fact, this method is also called sensitivity to treatment (desensitisation therapy), is a psychologist in the treatment of fear of the most common and effective, and through a new generation of VR assistance, can also be treated according to the doctor hope, and adjust the patient to be able to accept, for example, like a spider the just, Lindner will give patients to watch the animated version of the spider, and then give them a spider like actual image in the photo, let them adapt to. VR has just launched, many people have considerable doubt on its function, that is just empty like a smart mobile phone gimmick, or creating a new generation of bow, and now with the research confirms psychologist Lindner, VR also has a considerable help in the treatment of fear in the future the prospect of it still can not be underestimated. Related links (newspaper)相关的主题文章: