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Nintendo President Kimishima Daki interview: Switch game machine mass response surprised me – Sohu recently, Nintendo President Kimishima Daki told Bloomberg, and details it in Nintendo future development planning in the information such as the location of the new host Switch. At the same time, based on SwItch and virtual reality, the possibility of sales and other issues, kimishima to have also responded, but about Nintendo for 8 consecutive years of falling incomes, he said: there is no answer, maybe we can to the next Switch game is released after to see the results. The following is an interview with: we do not want to just launch a Wii and U or 3DS game similar products, so in the design of products, we think, can the user to create a new game what experience, considering these, the new host Switch was designed with detachable handle + flat panel display, the seamless transition characteristics, provides a variety of special ways for Switch, game player can use at home, can also be more than online, also easy to carry out. We show the video part, just a concept, let everyone know that Switch and Wii U, and before Nintendo products differ. Of course, what kind of accessories or products will come out next year, users will see in January next year. What I can say for sure is that this video is not all. We do not have to show you all the software supporting the Switch, released only part of the video. Nintendo in the development of hardware, will focus on improving the cooperation between hardware and software, but now we haven’t reveal this feature, users get the new Switch host, after the experience will be able to feel the difference between the software products. If you ask me if I have a chance, I will say that Nintendo is ready to cooperate, but now, my answer is no.. But in order to let the game player to experience a variety of games, Switch games and other software and accessories cooperation opportunities, but in fact, in the Switch on the device, I personally feel that these peripherals for some "accessories" is not appropriate, it can be called the best hardware extension. Two years ago, Nintendo’s former president outlined a vision for the future of the company: when we call it NX, in fact, is now Switch. Around it, Nintendo will focus on smart phones, theme parks, and film related content business. We can actually look at Nintendo’s competitors, as well as our own Wii sales, but there is no doubt that the first year of sales is very important for us. To tell you the truth, I was really surprised. I used to fantasize about the market reaction, but I really don’t know why it’s so good. 3DS hardware sales continue to maintain growth, I think 3DS business still has a good development prospects.  相关的主题文章: