Niufei debt leverage cattle abnormal adjustment opportunities candle june

Niufei debt leverage adjustment Opportunity Fund Sina cattle abnormal exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qinfeng – although the surface tension of funds gradually eased, but the 14 day reverse repurchase restart concern on the bond market deleveraging has not subsided, and even in the fermentation. After 7 months the Board issued a certificate exchange credit debt pledge repurchase discount rate after the new regulations, mainly responsible for the inter-bank bond market background of hosting the Shanghai clearing house also announced on the day before the adjustment of the pledged securities management, once again aroused speculation about deleveraging. 30, the bond market as a whole, the overall interest rate upward, up to the 10 year bonds close to the 2.8% mark. Market participants pointed out that the volatility of interest rates low and technical adjustment demand because of market amplification for monetary policy operation intention of suspicion, in view of the short-term interest rate further down the difficulty, and pre positive cash, marginal negative factors increased, the bond market short-term adjustment process is hardly the end; but strong fundamentals support will heal the mood swings, asset shortage logic strong, to leverage the limited risk of stock, interest rates upward space should be limited, the current may be appropriate to adjust the position, to avoid the risk, should grasp the opportunity to bring interest rates upward. Who is the chief culprit of the bond market crash in August 30th, the bond market continued weak trend, the remaining period of nearly 10 years of treasury bonds 160010 new deal in 2.78%, on a day in late 2.75%; 10 year bond futures contract T1612 closed at 100.61 yuan, fell 0.35% in August 23rd after a more than three months, the biggest one-day decline. In 30, money market funds face tensions continue to ease, the overnight and 7 days, short-term money supply increase, demand is difficult to be satisfied, within 14 days of each period of collateral repo rates have come down. Although the day the central bank open market operations to achieve neutral hedge, not further net liquidity, but liquidity is still stable before the end of the month. Over the past two weeks, financial tensions have pushed up bond markets. From the 10 year Treasury index trend, over the past two weeks, the 10 year treasury bond interest rates in the lowest dropping 2.64% more than ten years after the exit to the low, the surface tension of funds and the central bank to restart in 14 days reverse repurchase operations, panic and stampede once appeared on the surface, pushing yields significantly pick up. Today, the face of capital improvement, bond interest rates continue to rise, not only highlights the current market cautious and weak, and perhaps also shows that short-term funding is not the key to the recent adjustment of the key bonds. Traders said that at the beginning of 10 – year bonds fell below the 2.7% low, has reached the expected bottom position of many institutions, combined with the integer mark near the fluctuations are now easy to experience, institutions Fuying honor impulse enhancement, basically in the market is not on the situation, but the economic data such as good cash, not to to relax monetary policy, interest rates further down the difficulty, staged stage pullback consolidation resulting in a high probability event. This is the theory of market adjustment相关的主题文章: