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Nobel prize in pollution mechanics, not general pollution… What is it that people in the world of science and technology add together to build a spaceship? # pants, what is the impact on sexual life? When the # goat is what feeling? # bending over the world will be different? # stone will have what kind of brand personality? The general people would think the wrong venue but this famous 2016 Ig Nobel awards Ignoble Nobel Prizes Lulu mentioned at the beginning is the final research results of award-winning scientists say this "dirty" most winning genesiology Award Winners: Ahmed Shafik Award: a variety of trousers mouse and human life of Ahmed Shafik was originally the winners to investigate why society there are so many infertility finally found influence on the sexual life of underwear is not small and Ahmed take male rat experiment delta I no matter, I still life! Let the male wearing four different material pants for a longer period of time with mother of lovemaking after a serious, scientific experiment Ahmed finally concluded: pure polyester fiber and blended pants male sexual activity decreased significantly, the longer the effect is more obvious, and wear cotton and pure the wool didn’t change much; vacuum after 6 months of activity again. (underwear: blame me) after Calvin Klein for male users of advertisement should be changed to: "perception award award for most upside down" winners: Atsuki Higashiyama and Kohei Adachi Award: seen from between his legs bent at the world, but also the same? If you look down and see what’s going on between your legs? Don’t think this is a serious and some scientists in Japan in order to find the topic of pure bending down between his legs and why why the scenery will change to do a lot of investigation and analysis and experiment finally bent down to look at the scenery from between the legs, people to judge the size of objects are affected by the influence of the distance of the main due to the viewing position. The world we see is the result of brain processing and refactoring. To some extent, it can be said that every day we see in the "not true" feelings. In the award-winning awards site was first bent without demur is not enough fun to explain this speech after the end they invited to the front of the judges with this position to watch so we see a group of fifty years old father were quivering together to follow him… You know these master who are genuine goods at a fair price Nobel prize winner ah.相关的主题文章: