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October vegetable list released! "Three five fresh taro" have you eaten? – Food Channel – People’s original title: October vegetable list released! "Three five fresh taro" have you eaten? The harvest season, a large number of fresh vegetables are listed, how to choose the season’s health food? Look at the experts recommended! "Three taro starch quality best according to the Huazhong Agricultural University, Professor Huang Wanzheng of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, now this time the" taro starch quality "vegetables containing the best vitamin and also the most abundant mineral content. Artichoke: regulate blood sugar, alleviate dizziness is also called the name of Jerusalem artichoke artichoke, chrysanthemum ginger, ginger. Jerusalem artichoke contains a very similar structure with insulin substances, helps reduce blood sugar. At the same time, when people have hypoglycemia dizziness, with a piece of Jerusalem artichoke in the mouth, can immediately relieve. In the eat, cooked each flavor, made pickles or ocean preserved ginger, will taste better. Konjac: anti arteriosclerosis, improve the immune system contains a large number of konjac vitamins, plant fiber and a certain amount of mucus protein, with the prevention of atherosclerosis and the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eat konjac can improve immunity, containing mannose anhydride and excellent dietary fiber have anti-cancer effects, and can prevent constipation and reduce the intestinal absorption of fat. Konjac can be made into a variety of dishes, such as salad celery, fried peas, konjac konjac konjac Eggdrop Soup etc.. However, konjac raw food must be toxic, decoction 5 minutes to eat, each intake should not be too much. Taro: tooth caries prevention and treatment of cancer, taro is an alkaline food well, it contained elements, the fluorine content is rich, has the function of protecting teeth, tooth caries. There is a natural polysaccharide polymer colloid in a plant taro, antidiarrheal effect is very good, and can enhance the body’s immune function. Chinese medicine believes that beneficial stomach intestines, taro wide laxative detoxification, tonifying the liver and kidney function. Therefore, taro can be used as usual diet staple cancer prevention and adjuvant therapeutic efficacy in patients with breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma. Taro can be used as a staple food steamed with sugar and edible, can make milk soup, taro taro roll etc.. But it should be noted that taro must be cooked, otherwise the mucus will irritate the throat, and don’t eat too much time. "Five fresh" is the most inexpensive country senior nutritionist Zhao Yingmin recommended that the five are both nutritional supplements, but also very good digestion of food. What’s more, these foods are inexpensive and can be eaten everywhere. Tomato autumn tomato maturity best, lycopene is the most abundant, basically do not need to add ripener. Autumn is also very easy to sunburn and tanning, and lycopene is an antioxidant, can eliminate the free radicals generated by uv. You don’t have to apply lycopene to your skin like sunscreen. It works in the human body. It protects you wherever you go, not only in the sun. Lycopene is a fat soluble vitamins, so even more pro fat, fried food to eat, do tomato soup and other absorption will be better. Spinach spinach in autumn to accept the sunshine more fully, which contains lutein, chlorophyll and other nutrients are more abundant. So autumn spinach相关的主题文章: