Online Promotion Prize Structure Are Bigger Prizes Better Than Lots Of Little Ones (part 1)-aptana studio

Site-Promotion When doing promotions planning, the question inevitably arises: how should we structure our prizes? As with any good question, the answer is: it depends on your audience and the specific goals of your online promotion strategy. Given a fixed budget, the main problem in structuring your prizes is to find the right balance between a small number (often just one) of high-value prizes, versus a large number of low-value prizes. Its important to note during your promotions planning that what youre trying to impact is not the actual customer satisfaction or perceived value upon using the product. Instead youre trying to impact the combination of the customers expected (or anticipated) value of the product and prize(s) together. There are a number of factors to consider in our online promotion strategy that impact what sort of prize structure will be most enticing to your target audience. Two of the most critical are 1) whether youre targeting current customers or non-customers, and 2) how risk tolerant your target audience is. Risk Tolerance: Its important to recognize in your promotions planning that your targets may be more or less risk tolerant. All else equal, a more risk tolerant audience will prefer a single high-value prize, and a risk averse audience will prefer many smaller-value prizes. As part of your overall online promotion strategy, it is important to balance the risk tolerance of your target(s) against the number of prizes you offer. Coming up in Part 2 the #1 factor in determining your prize structure! AlterSeekers is a brand promotions agency in New York focusing on promotions consulting and promotions planning, web strategy, social media strategy (including Facebook strategy), go to market strategy, internet consulting, online promotion strategy, and overall strategic planning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: