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In China 10 years to investigate network infringement cases from more than 5000 to close the site nearly 3000 Xinhua Nanjing October 31st news (reporter Liu Weiwei) in Nanjing revealed the National Copyright Administration of copyright bureau deputy director Duan Yuping the day before, from 2005 to 2015, China has dealt with more than 5 thousand cases of Internet Infringement, to close the site nearly 3000, a fine of 15 million yuan, transferred to be held more than 450 criminal cases. Duan Yuping said the eighth session of Chinese Nanjing cultural and creative industries in Nanjing before the trading day, "the Internet is not outside the law, the state will further strengthen the management of." In recent years, Internet based piracy rampant. Duan Yuping said: now we need to focus on how to regulate the Internet communication order, otherwise, the disorderly development of the Internet for China’s cultural industry, is a major damage." Duan Yuping said, the relevant departments of the dissemination of a large amount of Web site, has taken key regulatory measures, the monitoring of some website hits the top 50 TV dramas, required to provide relevant authority to the State Copyright Bureau, without authorization under the automatic frame. 2016 of the eighth Chinese Nanjing Cultural Creative Industry Fair with "culture + creative new new format of new economy" as the theme, focusing on digital entertainment, modern creative design, the emerging network media, the wisdom of tourism and other emerging industries, more emphasis on culture and science and technology, finance, tourism, art, Internet, creative design and other industries fusion. Synchronization promote public cultural consumption and cultural interaction.相关的主题文章: