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"Ladybug TV" good "tongue 2" the broadcast CCTV international claims million Sina Technology News August 30th news today, Haidian court issued case letters, said mobile phone application "Ladybug TV" at sowing on the tip of the tongue "China 2", CCTV international company to copyright infringement will be taken to court, claims one million. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case. CCTV international company said on the tip of the tongue "2" as the Chinese delicacy culture documentary, the continuation of the theme of the first season, to explore the relationship between people and food, CCTV for filming the show spent huge manpower and material resources. Authorized by CCTV, CCTV international exclusive access to the tongue of China 2, the right to information network dissemination. May 2016, CCTV international, blockbuster new media limited success in the development of mobile phone application "Ladybug TV", with "2" on the tip of the tongue Chinese online play services to users through the information network. CCTV international company believes that the success vision’s behavior has seriously violated their legal rights, so for any prosecution success vision of the company to immediately stop the infringement, compensation for economic losses and bear the cost of 50 thousand yuan rights 1 million. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

Finland flip education to meet the new generation, the future is no longer a single discipline –

Finland turnover education to meet the new generation, the future will no longer be a single subject – Sohu [Technews] technology science news with the evolution of the times and all over the world to meet the future is a generation of artificial intelligence and robotics, then the human definition will be completely overturned, creative and overall thinking in order to control the tide of science and technology. The previously reported science news in Japan began to reflect the old way of education, that education will affect the competitiveness of Japan to machine in the future generations, now even the education of gifted students in Finland, also vowed to reform the existing education system, fully implemented in 2020. The education system in Finland is already one of the world’s best education system in international rankings is always ranked in the top ten, but the Finland authorities are still not satisfied, that the existing education system is the product of twentieth Century, decided to conduct a real revolution, cultivate a new generation with force and visual thinking. According to BrightSide reports, the Finland government to remove some of the existing curriculum from the school subjects, such as the future will not be physical, mathematics, literature, history, geography and other disciplines. Finland’s minister of Education said that these traditional teaching methods are the result of the twentieth Century, the demand is not the same, so the government needs to develop in line with the education system in twenty-first Century. In his mouth, the so-called new educational system, in addition to the individual disciplines, students will study the specific events and phenomena in an interdisciplinary manner. For example, the teacher asks the students from history, geography, mathematics point of view of the Second World War, in addition to let the students go to the coffee shop work, let the students absorb the overall economy, English, communication skills and knowledge. Reported that the Finland government will start from the 16 year old students in the implementation of the new curriculum, students need to be based on their own ambitions and ability to choose their own subjects or topics to be studied. In this way, students do not need to learn physics or chemistry without knowing why. In addition, the traditional mode of teaching teachers and students will change, students do not have to sit in front of the desk, anxious to wait for the teacher to ask questions, but to discuss the problem in a group. The Finland education system encourages team work, so the change will also affect the way teachers teach. Comprehensive cooperative education reform requires a different course teacher, is currently in Helsinki has 70% teachers to start a new system to work, is expected to be fully implemented in 2020, of course, teachers will get salary. (source: Flickr Creative SustainabilityCC By the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

Chuzhou, a man will be opened in the BMW car into the water inside the car some insurance-jessica rabbit

A man in Chuzhou BMW car in the water to drown the car insurance cheat some Anhui financial network news: Chuzhou Dingyuan County Youth Shumou, before buying a car accident insurance salvage auction, after the sale price for renovation. But because of the "wrong", the car no renovation value, Shumou lost a lot of money. To this end, Yu twice the manufacture of traffic accidents, plans to recover the loss of insurance fraud. Recently, the Chuzhou police through careful investigation, successfully cracked two cases of insurance fraud. "Yu Moudi will be the two time the car in the water was originally intended to" earn "a few million yuan, which know no grasp of" things. "" big trouble ", because of the abandonment of the whole vehicle, the insurance company to assess the damage of 760 thousand yuan", yesterday (September 22nd) morning, Chuzhou Langya economic investigation police investigators told reporters, "more thrilling is that Shumou drove into the water, because the door can not be opened, almost drowned herself in the car". Strange: BMW car even frequent accident, insurance to pay about 800000 the night of March 25th this year, Dingyuan County residents Xu Moumou alarm call, called the "Xiang CM0***" driving a BMW car, in the territory of the original green Luo Xiang Dingyuan County, accidentally fell into the ditch. Insurance companies to arrange the investigation personnel rushed to the scene and found that almost all of the car was flooded, because the vehicle has been scrapped can not be repaired, the need for full payment. After calculation, the amount of compensation of about 760 thousand yuan. "The car accident is not the first time, and the amount of compensation is larger, the insurance company for further investigation found that in December 24, 2014, the car accident has for scrap, and get 790 thousand yuan compensation; in December 8, 2015, the car is for things in Wuhe County of Bengbu City, to obtain compensation 8.2 yuan", "more suspicious, two accidents of Wuhe County and Dingyuan County occurred during the night, place in remote areas without monitoring camera, and the scene of the accident there were no brake marks". Insurance companies believe that the owner of a suspected accident on suspicion of theft of compensation, then reported to the police. The police investigation: Investment car accident lose money, to create the same accident after receiving the alarm, Chuzhou Langya Economic Investigation Brigade quickly involved in the investigation. According to the vehicle information and other clues, the police removed Guangzhou, Xiangtan, Hefei, Bengbu, Dingyuan and other places, in-depth investigation of the insurance company, around the vehicle, the vehicle auction market, banks and other places, get a lot of key clues, finally confirmed Shumou and others suspected of insurance fraud. The day before, the police carefully implement the deployment of police arrest, Shumou, five suspects were all arrested. Police quickly identified, in 2014 after the accident occurred in the car accident in Dongguan, has applied for retirement and compensation. Later, Shumou in Guangzhou city from the original owner of the hands, spend about 200000 yuan to buy this car insurance car accident salvage auction ", plans to sell refurbished car fare after the price to earn. Which knows, because the car is badly damaged, there is no value of renovation. Due to the "wrong" losses, Shumou very upset. Subsequently, he decided to make a traffic accident in order to recover the loss. Later, he re purchased the same old BMW sedan, by playing)相关的主题文章:

The horse won the FA Cup ceremony r MVP he was elected the best coach-e3300

The FA Cup awards: R Ma won the MVP he was elected the best coach Zheng Zhi trophy with sina sports half-time whistle sounded, the 2016 FA Cup final to win China Evergrande ended. This year’s FA Cup awards ceremony was held after the game. After the ceremony officially began, the football association officials in turn debut, the first prize will be awarded. A grey-haired man came on the podium, he is the former Chinese Football Association vice president Wang Junsheng, he won the Football Association issued special commemorative award. Subsequently, the final referee team won a medal to thank them for the game’s enforcement efforts. Jiangsu Suning team’s fans seem to have home court referee group for this match is not satisfied, the scene sounded a loud boos, fans and even shouted whistle. The referee panel under enormous pressure to go under the podium, it is worth mentioning that the guests for their awards is a former world football miss sun. The next issue is the fair competition award, Guangzhou R & F team won the award. The tournament Dark Horse Prize was just promoted to the Tianjin super team the right to health in the bag, their 2016 season as a team into the FA Cup 8 is the dark horse deserved award. The best coach award is awarded to the champion coach Scolari, he led Hengda this season after a lapse of 3 years to regain the league and FA Cup champion, achieved six straight no suspense, Guangzhou Hengda contract with him is the best reward. Roger Martinez became the best player of the tournament is the mid season Suning fully deserve, the introduction of the Columbia international team in the FA Cup Cuichengbazhai, made the final distinctions won in battle, and almost single handedly help Suning won the championship will impact his powerful and accurate shooting the most incisive operation. Believe that Suning next season will be more sharp in front of him and under the leadership of Teixeira, to threaten the dominance of hengda. The end of the first several awards after the tournament runner up Jiangsu Suning team on the podium, Suning players face filled with regret and unwilling, but the audience fans still treat them with the most enthusiastic applause and cheers. The season before the season Suning large investments, in the season to harvest and now A new force suddenly rises. FA Cup runner up, there is such a passionate fans, we believe that they will be in the next few years step by step to establish their own dynasty. In the end, the FA Cup winner, Guangzhou Evergrande, wore his gold suit and captain Zheng Zhi took the trophy. This season for them, although some regret AFC Champions League stop group phase, but then won the double proof of this branch or constant brigade has strong dominance in the China, hope that their next season in the Asian arena can further bring fans more surprises. 2016 FA Cup Award: MVP: Roger – Martinez Best Coach: Guangzhou fair play Award: Guangzhou R & F team dark horse award: Tianjin rights team runner up: Jiangsu Suning team champion: Heng Brigade相关的主题文章:

Don’t take no money thing must finance the poor-denka

Don’t take "no money" the poor thing must always see a lot of people money ask how much money I bought to finance, what good financial problems and so on. A lot of people have a lot of confusion for financial management, where the financial 360 small series to chat with you. Money is not equal to the investment will often see people put investment and financial management to talk about, people think that the two word is almost the meaning of money or money to make money, in fact, there is a difference between the two. Investment is to use your money to make money, capital can be money, kind or your own talent. But financial management is the management of property and debt, in order to achieve financial value and value added. Here melt 360 small series with the main talk about personal and family finance. How much money have to do not ask how much money to finance, or that they do not have a few money, do not have money. It’s clear that money management is planning and investing in your assets and liabilities, and it’s a matter of how much money you need to do. You count your whole body is only a few hundred dollars, you can also choose to spend or save up, and even put in the balance of treasure (equal to buy Monetary Fund). Usually we say to engage in financial management is actually to buy financial products and other ways to make money, such as the balance of treasure above, as well as bonds, gold, futures, etc.. Financial tools can be used for many financial, which need to be configured according to individual differences. How to finance this if carefully speaking out of a book, and what the financial sector, the stock market, I don’t want to go into the market economy, I road is still shallow, but there are so many Daniel these two great God; for we are ordinary people, or too macro, may not practical. Here, only 360 small series of simple and operational direction. Said so much, you must also know it, not to come up with money to consider what to buy financial products, the first thing to do is cash planning. Want to know their own needs, the money in the hand (mobile) how to allocate, arrange consumer spending, see how much money can be left. If it is family finance, you need to make plans for their children’s education, for now the family, this expenditure is the most important addition to the purchase of the house. Due to the uncertainty of the future considerations, it is necessary to make an early education funding plan, and should be prepared to raise or reserve more money in preparation for future needs beyond the plan. What is needed is to estimate the risk. You may not assess their risk, but can you imagine how much damage there is a basic concept, such as a loss can not endure, it is conservative, it intends to make a double up, then of course you are radical, as for today’s vote in ten thousand, too just a few days to earn a thousand or even hundreds of thousands, that is the gambler (usually not dreaming is crazy). After a pre judgment on the risk tolerance, followed by what to do? Choose financial products? Don’t be so impatient to give yourself an insurance, again dry risk. Personal insurance and property insurance should be considered, as well as liability insurance and credit guarantee insurance to see the specific circumstances of the.相关的主题文章: