Patent projects up to 143, KIA launched the precursor version of the 8 speed gearbox – Sohu ca1816

The patent projects up to 143, KIA launched the precursor version of the 8 speed gearbox – car Sohu Hyundai – KIA group’s KIA car factory, September 6, 2016 announced the launch of the latest version of the precursor of independent research and development of 8 speed gearbox (FWD 8AT), to lead the brand towards a more upscale transmission technology in the new era. If the modern – KIA group’s point of view, the previous modern at the end of 2015 to the group’s new luxury brand Genesis, the first new product G90 is equipped with the first version of the rear drive 8 speed automatic transmission (RWD 8AT). Now, KIA followed by the launch of the corresponding version of the 8 speed gearbox, a symbol of modern – KIA in a new generation of transmission technology into a new milestone. Hyundai G90 EQ900 equipped with the first version of the rear drive 8 speed automatic transmission (RWD 8AT), it is now the first version of KIA released the first version of the 8 speed gearbox (FWD 8AT), has demonstrated modern – KIA group’s R & D capabilities. KIA’s new patent for the transmission project up to 143, claiming to be able to effectively improve the efficiency of vehicles in driving and acceleration. 143 new patents help boxing, so that a new 8 speed automatic transmission has become the precursor weapon on fuel-efficient original KIA released data show that the planet gear box in the stalls increase 2 stalls, gearbox body volume control, with almost 6 speed automatic transmission of KIA currently used, even in lightweight technical assistance, successful transmission weight reduction of 3.5 kg, used for the single transmission technology, KIA factory has 143 new patent claims, also will determine the brand flagship car gearbox is equipped with a new generation of Cadenza in 2017, to give the driver to bring a new experience. At the same time, the new gearbox has changed the structure and composition of the past, improve the transmission efficiency of the whole power, can make the vehicle driving operation during acceleration is more stable, in addition to improve fuel consumption, more let the vehicle NVH shock (Noise, Vibration, Harshness and noise) of vehicle noise, vibration and harshness) perform better. KIA Fengyun 8 speed gearbox is not only the volume of maintenance and 6 speed gearbox are similar, weight loss of 3.5 kg, lightweight engineering performance is quite brisk. KIA has overcome the limitations of space, engine, suspension and auxiliary parts to achieve the goal of 8 speed automatic transmission. The new patent is also optimized for the transmission oil pump, not only to reduce the size of the pump, but also simplify the structure of the valve body, so that transmission oil can be used effectively, so that the optimization of the gearbox is more sensitive. Hand control solenoid valve gearbox, the KIA team mastered the key technology of the direct control of the solenoid valve to control the transmission number by 20 was reduced to 12, so that the vehicle can shift action more efficiently in acceleration. Brand flagship car, major facelift will collocation new gearbox to review KIA in 2009 have also launched Cadenza models, as at the time of the car for a long time, the main sense of the future of science and technology N相关的主题文章: