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Poll: Hilary won 9 possibilities will receive 303 electoral votes according to the British Reuters – Sohu News reported on November 7th, the American presidential election campaign Monday is nearing completion, two candidates are still the same and at the beginning of each other angry accusations. According to Reuters Ipsos a new election survey, Hilary won a great possibility. The Reuters Ipsos "States of the Nation" poll, Hilary beat Trump the possibility of up to 90%, is expected to receive 303 electoral votes, more than 270 pieces required to win a game, but Trump is expected to get 235. Some research shows that both sides in the Michigan election stalemate, in canvassing. Pennsylvania is another big ticket warehouse, it is expected that the two sides will be harvested at the last minute. On the last minute before polling day, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary Comi announced in July FBI to maintain the decision not to bring criminal charges Hilary as secretary of state during the period of treatment to the practice of public private email. This makes the Hilary camp morale. The latest Reuters Ipsos poll, Hilary in the country’s leading Trump 5 points, Hilary’s support rate is 44%, Trump is 39%. The poll among ordinary voters to support candidates is, rather than electoral candidates to support rate. However, Florida and North Carolina had changed into a call from Hilary bias. In addition, Fuchs news and CBS News poll released Monday, Hilary ahead of Trump by 4 points. Polls show the two points and weak points, but the situation is in favor of Hilary, but the roulette and online prediction platform is more optimistic about Hilary will win the election. The online prediction platform PredictIt probability of 81% of her winning the white house. The last election day, Trump began to travel from Florida in Sarasota, Florida has a large number of Hispanic voters, with Hilary Trump here in the fight. Source: Reuters poll tools may determine the outcome of the election swing swing相关的主题文章: