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Software Logo is a graphical demonstration of a companys image. A professional logo communicates a message of a company effectively and efficiently. It is characteristic of an organization. In other words, it is a face or visage of an enterprise. Therefore, a designer should create a logo perfectly so that it remains with a company for a longer time. A marketer uses a logo on various corporate materials to promote a company. Therefore, a designer should create an exquisite logo that aptly reflects a companys vision and goals. Types of Logo: There are various types of logo uses by the entrepreneurs to allure the potential customers towards the products. Text-based logo is a kind of trademark that consists of the text of a companys name. It does not consist of a lavish design. Another type of trademark is symbol logo. This type of logo includes images, shapes or symbols but not words or letters. The third basic type of logo is combination logo. This type combines both the name of a company and a symbolic image. Importance of Logo in promoting the brand identity: A logo of a company is used for printing on documents like memos, contracts, agreements, newsletters and much more. A marketer also deploys it for reproducing on products or product labels, signboards, corporate stationary and on other advertising materials. It enables an onlooker to identify a particular company. A uniquely designed logo distinguishes a company from its competitors. It conveys a companys message effectively among the potential customers. A good company logo creates a positive image of an organization in a market. A prospective customer is able to retain a company as well as its products and services for a longer time. A unique logo can register the details of a company in the minds of customers. In other words, it creates an everlasting impression. A good logo establishes a companys image in the marketplace. A trademark is instrumental in associating a particular business with the company. In other words, a logo reflects the nature of business dealt by a company. Therefore, a logo is instrumental in promoting the brand identity of a company. About the Author: Lonard Math is a business analyst as well as web designer who has more than 7 years experience in Logo designs for designing brochures, business stationary, websites, content writing etc. In this article he discusses about business logo. For more information about logo software , logo creator, logo designer, logo maker, please visit ..logosmartz.. Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: