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Pu Jinhui will resign? Sohu throughout the growing South Korean President comments "cronies intervention" event, I believe many people will declare to Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun some discomfort. According to the restructuring of the government launched an emergency Park, left the color with the leftist candidate for prime minister, general Pu Yuanchun did not appreciate, he told the media that Pu Jinhui at this time: cabinet list is to fool people, as head of state, she has lost the trust and authority, the state cannot be handed over to the "puppet president" management. While in Korea, if the president and local chiefs belong to different parties, so openly express policy differences are not what rare thing, but as the city’s chief executive, so don’t hesitate to attack the president, this situation is rare in Europe and the United states. Moreover, Pu Yuanchun also claimed that he would personally participate in the candlelight demonstrations. Believe his influence will boost the size of the protests, and Pu Jinhui’s troubles are far from over. The mayor looks so simple, is emboldened. According to the South Korean newspaper, "the news of the day" and the latest poll The Opinion, Pu Jinhui’s approval rating has fallen from 34.2% in October to $9.2%, which is since she took office, the first time the support rate fell below 10%. The polls are so low, so if there is a park Geun hye may resign? At least for now, there is no sign of resignation. She launched the Prime Minister Kim Bingzhun, former opposition party president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff. Yonhap reported that the selection of the new prime minister Park Geun hye, means she might take a back seat. This concession is quite huge. Moreover, this choice, there is also the danger of her power was elevated. But just so, but also revealed that she served as president will resolutely guard. From a historical point of view, there is no precedent for the resignation of the president of South korea. Former president Roh Moo-hyun impeachment has to temporarily stop position degree, Lee Myung-bak’s hundred days due to imports of U.S. beef caused hundreds of thousands of people continue to protest, they did not consider quitting, park problems, there is still a lot of sharpness. The possibility of resignation is not large, then impeachment will happen? According to South Korean law, the impeachment of the president of the threshold is very high, to be moved by members of Congress, more than 2/3 of the members voted in favor of the bill to pass. After the bill will be submitted to the constitutional court to decide whether the president should step down. At present, the South Korean parliament 300 members, Pu Jinhui’s ruling party for 122 seats, the opposition party non party members accounted for 167 seats, 11 seats, impeachment was established, at least 200 votes, the opposition is impossible. Moreover, Pu Jinhui only a little more than a year term, and the legal procedure of impeachment long, even the trial before the end of her tenure, has ended the. Therefore, the probability of impeachment is not high. At present, there are about twenty thousand protesters stationed in South Korea’s political heartland Gwanghwamun square every day. According to South Korean news, 12 this month, led by the opposition, will launch a larger demonstration. Obviously, but Portsmouth vainly but the mistake, Portsmouth)相关的主题文章: