Re expansion of the financial sector treasure can stake in Sichuan trust

Re expansion of financial territory Boland intends to stake in Sichuan trust Wen Liu Peng Li Weiao after obtaining insurance, life insurance, public funds and other financial licenses, Boland group and interested in trust license. Golden Empire is being built to control the energy group, this time aimed at the Sichuan trust. September 18th, Tencent finance from close to the transaction was informed that the treasure is currently in contact with the parties concerned, intends to stake in Sichuan trust. For this, the Tencent finance asked the Boland Department official, as of press time, treasure can reply. Public information, the agency is currently being held for sale in Sichuan trust shares. September 9th, the China Sea trust in Beijing property rights exchange, publicly listed on the transfer of 30.2534% stake held by the Sichuan trust, the listing price of $3 billion 750 million, the listing date is from September 9, 2016 to October 12th. Sichuan trust was formally established in November 28, 2010, as of the end of 2015, the company registered capital of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the scale of the management of trust assets of more than $300 billion, total assets of 20 billion 455 million yuan, net assets of $6 billion 182 million. Business information display, Sichuan HTC (Group) Co., the company and related parties Sichuan Hondar Limited by Share Ltd, held a total of 54.2% stake in Sichuan trust, Sichuan trust holdings of shareholders. China Sea trust shareholding ratio of 30.2534%, its largest shareholder of the second. The background of the Sichuan private capital trust, current assets mainly invest in the capital market. 2015 annual report data show that the total assets of the trust in Sichuan, investment in securities market accounted for up to 30.66%, followed by industrial and financial markets, accounting for the proportion of 23.42%, respectively, 17.46%. However, insiders told financial Tencent, Zhonghai trust as early as a year ago began looking for private disk buyers, but ultimately did not agree, then turned to the transfer of publicly listed channels. He said several domestic intends to purchase shares of private enterprises, facing two major obstacles to offer after the first problem is the quality of assets of Sichuan trust potential, followed by the disk after only second major shareholders, not to gain control of Sichuan trust. As of press time, yet linked to financial Tencent Zhonghai trust and Sichuan trust to respond to the matter. Previously, the layout of the treasure in the financial field of intent, gradually clear. Zhang Jinshun, former chairman of Ping An Trust was on February 2016, joined the treasure and served as president of the platform to be able to treasure gold. Gold treasure can control platform specific architecture is not open to the outside world, however, the Tencent finance noted that the treasure department’s financial landscape has built up a huge, life insurance, property insurance, public funds, small loans and financing lease business. The existing subsidiaries involved in the financial areas of the company include: Qianhai life insurance Limited by Share Ltd, Qianhai century insurance brokers Ltd., Xinjiang Qianhai property insurance joint Limited by Share Ltd, Qianhai Insurance Co. Ltd. and Xinjiang Qianhai Joint Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen City Guangdong microfinance Ltd., Shenzhen City, Qianhai financial leasing financial Trading Center Co. the company ("Guangzhou gold). More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (Finance).相关的主题文章: