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"Real" shell "index stock market delisting system Sina Finance dilemma helpless index App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my recently you, a" save the real estate listed companies "news has become the focus of public attention. According to media reports in September 21st, Nanjing *ST B announced that the company to be publicly listed by Beijing equity exchange transfer of Beijing Xicheng District City Huai Cedar Street No. 11 building of the -201, the -202 two sets of real estate, announcement, intends to transfer the property book value totaled 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan, increasing value amounted to 21 million 428 thousand and 800 yuan, value-added rate is high 1651.68%. Once the transfer of real estate success, *ST Ning B annual turnaround probability will also be greatly increased. Stock market slump, all rely on the housing market. Yesterday (September 21st) *ST Ning B real selling shell news win eye. It is worth mentioning that, *ST Ning B the price of 80 thousand and 300 yuan square meters to sell, below the market price of $100 thousand square meters. Even so, in accordance with the original purchase price of 7589 square meters, the value of the value of more than 13 times. Two suites to save a listed company, not a myth. The real estate market continued high fever, which has become an important investment and profit channel for many listed companies. As early as 2010, a report China Academy of Social Sciences warned that more and more listed companies are keen to build a house to sell, as of 2010, through equity investment and related enterprises directly involved in the real estate business of the 802 listed companies, accounting for the total number of A shares of Listed Companies in 61%. According to the current development trend, this ratio is still rising. Many of the main business and real estate has nothing to do with the listed company, the reason why keen bets, it lies in the low threshold of real estate, high profit margins. Listed companies have the advantage in the bank credit and other financing sources, can obtain relatively cheap capital, and rising prices, leading to all kinds of investors and buyers to enter, to ensure that the strong demand of the real estate market. But in this way, the listed companies do not feel at ease the main business, leading to mismatches of funds and business, but also exacerbated the real estate market and the stock market bubble. The stock market is a barometer of the economy. The real estate listed companies rely on the continued life, reflects the now sluggish real economy, the real estate market hot, which may lead to vicious spiral, the industry started from many cross listed companies have robbed the real estate profits, various resources are highly concentrated in a single market, investment risk will increase. Once the bubble burst, the listed company will be stuck. The return to the *ST Ning B real affordable shell case, but also reflects the plight of the delisting system delisting. The article has enumerated the listed company many wonderful shell protection techniques, such as Edmond branch face delisting, directly sell the shell to leave, let the new shareholders to tell the story to fool. For example, *ST Yihua rushed near Sinopec, stripped of all assets and liabilities, then embark on the road of happiness. Another example of *ST in business accounting calculation mode simply changed, asset value is changed, then burned smaller losses, small loss loss. It can be said that the listed companies in the wonderful theory相关的主题文章: