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UnCategorized Regret is something that you feel when you wish you could change the past and do things differently to create a different out.e or take advantage of a missed opportunity. The problem is that no one can change the past they can only glean from their mistakes and make course corrections for the future. Living a life of regret is a pointless notion, as nothing will ever be altered by wishing it were so. The only way to deal with a regret is to look at situation and accept that if and when similar circumstances arise that the individual involved take a different course of action. When dealing with larger regrets the individual needs to look at the advantages gained by following the course of action that they did rather than dwelling on what might have been. Mistakes made are learning opportunities that can teach valuable life lessons that in turn teach us to look for new and different ways to do things and make things happen in our lives. By taking advantage of opportunities as they .e up and not turning away from things that are outside our .fort zone we as a people can over.e the feelings of regret that we sometimes face and lie happier lives of ac.plishment instead of dwelling on the life that might have been. The regrets of homeownership have be.e a plague upon the nation as mortgages given to individuals that could not afford them cost billions in foreclosures across the country. While the banks received a bailout their regret at extending sub prime loans is leading them to reexamine their practices and make adjustments to who they loan money to and for how much. There are individuals as well that may regret not buying a house while conditions are good for buyers if they do not take advantage of the lower prices of houses and interest rates that make homeownership more affordable. There are even some people that are looking at their circumstances and wondering how they can change their current mortgage to take advantage of the lower rates and who may regret not acting quickly while percentage rates on interest are so low. Rather than dwelling on the past or being remorseful in the present those that face regret and cannot change the past are able to alter the future by taking steps now to make things better and modify or alter their mortgage obligations through a refinancing option that will lower monthly mortgage payments without generating any additional fees. Instead of looking back and wishing that they had been wiser or acted instead of being dormant people can take action right now and improve their lives through refinancing their current high interest mortgage with VA home loans that are available to those that have served in the military and want to avoid the feelings of regret and remorse that .e from looking back over ones life and wishing that they had done things differently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: