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Beauty When you step into a store to buy some cosmetics the choices can sometimes seem bewildering. The world of cosmetics can be a mystifying and confusing place, especially when it .es to deciding what is best for your own skin. Not only are there all the different brands to look at, each with their own unique benefits and army of loyal customers, there is also a confusing array of skin conditions that can be addressed by the specific products. While some people shun such details, saying that a moisturiser is simply that, they are probably the ones without problem skin, as there is plenty of research into the effects different products have on specific skin types. One of those cosmetics brands that has been around for almost thirty years is MD Formulations and they have carried out extensive research into the types of skin. They have distilled this down to a subset of types: normal or .bination; dry; oily; sensitive; problem prone; rosacea; and ageing. The .pany makes different cosmetic products each aimed at a particular skin variety. Eight seems like a sensible number, as they are all different enough to be distinct from each other. Too many categories and people might end up confused about their type (and there are probably sound .mercial reasons for not aiming at too much of the market). Too few types and the products would need to be over simplified, meaning there would be an overlap between skin types, causing customers not to choose the optimum product for themselves. With greasy or oily skin, people always want a product that reduces the shine and creates a more natural matt surface. It is made more problematic because often oily skin affects only small parts of the face, so we can’t simply moisturise our whole face as it may casue other issues. The first part of the treatment is cleansing, which exfoliates and strips away the oils and dirt but crucially doesn’t flush away the natural moisture produced by the skin. Following this, a gentle correction product will be applied to start regenerating the balance, before the hydrating stage is carried out to keep the skin soft and in shape. To .plete the routine there is the protection stage to form a barrier between your skin and the damaging elements of the outside world, including UV rays. That regime is unique to that skin type, and has been carefully worked out in the lab to produce the best results. When it .es to quality skincare treatments, you need to specialise and match products to your own situations. To succeed in today’s cosmetic marketplace .panies need to excel on all fronts, and with each passing year they seem to have more in .mon with the pharmaceuticals industry, ploughing billions into research and development of new products that are designed to deal with very specific problems. Perhaps in the future we will go into a cosmetics store and the assistant will do a quick skin analysis and create a personalised formulation that mixes ingredients to perfectly match one particular area of your skin, and then creates another blend for a different area. In fact this trend has already started, although it should be pointed out that the store is B&Q and the product is paint but the principle is the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: