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Travel-and-Leisure Finding the best Seattle hotel deals is an integral part of planning a trip to the state. The purpose of the visit is what usually determines the type of accommodation required. If you are planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway, you need a place which lies in the close vicinity of major tourist attractions. Likewise a business traveler needs to be situated as close as possible to major activity centers so that he can work efficiently without irk. With the thriving source of knowledge the internet is currently, finding a suitable hotel should not be hard provided you search for it in the right place. Shopping communities and travel websites can be extremely helpful in this regard. They have extensive listings of hotels and lodges, ranked according to different features. It is wise to read up on as many customer reviews and testimonials as you can find. These contain first hand opinions about the quality of service of various establishments and will help you a great deal in reaching a decision. Being the largest city in the state of Washington, the place is chock full of interesting lodging options and finding suitable Seattle hotel deals will probably not be a problem with if you search intelligently. The Inn at the Market is an excellent retreat for family vacations with its excellent downtown location inside an appealing landscaped courtyard. It lies adjacent to the Pike Place Market and the Financial District, thus ensuring easy access to urban Seattles charms. The rooms are lavishly adorned with natural Silk and Chenille accents, giving the place a sophisticated and contemporary look. The staff is extremely courteous and the service is highly professional leaving no doubt about the fantastic promise the place holds for guests. The Inn at Langley is another worthwhile option to consider. Located on Whidbey Island, the establishment provides a peaceful environment like none other. 26 Guest Rooms and Cottages await those who seek understated luxury while putting a high value on privacy. The hotel is built on a bluff overlooking Sarratoga Passage and each room allows stunning 180-degree waterfront views from the private porch. Nature-lovers will be delighted to stay here while those seeking respite from the bustle of the city can rejoice as well. For the definitive in metropolitan luxury, look no further than the Hotel Andra. The place is classy, elegant and private, all at the same time. It is positioned right next to the chic Belltown neighborhood and the prosperous retail district of Seattle and is thus the metaphorical epicenter of the city. The building was originally built in 1926. It was completely remodeled in line with the progressive attitude of the adjacent locality of Belltown, in 2004. The hotel proudly showcases the rich art and culture scene of the area with the hotels 119 rooms and suites decked out in temperate khaki walls, alpaca headboards and charcoal blue chenille bedspreads, complimented by inconspicuous dark wood furniture and modern amenities. Wireless internet ensures that you stay in touch with work and family at all times. Luxury does not get much better than this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: