Sentenced to! Qinhuangdao, a man drunk driving checked beaten police jailed for a

Sentenced to! Qinhuangdao, a man drunk driving checked beaten police jailed for a year of drunken driving accident was seized during the handling of the accident, the traffic police should strike violently. On November 7th, the defendant Liu was Qinhuangdao Development Zone court respectively to obstruction of official crime, the crime of dangerous driving was sentenced to one year and four months imprisonment, and fined 4000 yuan, execution of imprisonment for one year and fined 4000 yuan. Liu Department of Neihuang County of Henan province is now 32 years old, working in a construction site in Qinhuangdao before the incident. The evening of January 5th 11, Liu and several workers after drinking, driving the van ready to return the temporary residence, via Mount Lu Road, Qinhuangdao Development Zone and Emei Mountain Road intersection, hit a few minutes before the road traffic accidents occurred in a car. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene to deal with two traffic accidents. In the process, in a drunken state of police Liu constantly insults, the traffic police brigade accident according to law to bring it to detect blood alcohol content, Liu wanted to escape and the police for assault, causing a traffic police face and nose injuries. After identification and testing, was hit by traffic police injuries to two minor injuries, Liu blood alcohol content of 268mg 100ml, is drunk driving. Qinhuangdao Development Zone procuratorate after examination that the defendant Liu intoxicated at beating the people’s police violence, prevent functionaries of state organs to perform their duties according to law, their behavior has been suspected of the crime of disrupting public service. At the same time, a blood alcohol content greater than Liu 80mg 100ml, has been arrested for the crime of dangerous driving, decided to prosecute liu. Qinhuangdao Development Zone after the court hearing, according to the decision made in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章: