Shanxi the next five years the school stadiums will be moderately open to the society-onavo protect

Shanxi: the next five years, the school sports venues will be moderately open to the community "Shanxi National Fitness Program (2016 – 2020)" announced "Shanxi National Fitness Program (2016 – 2020)" recently announced. Our province will focus on the construction of a number of small and medium-sized sports venues, and promote the public sports facilities free or low-cost open, explore the establishment of small and medium-sized stadiums free, low fee open subsidy mechanism. In the next 5 years, Shanxi will focus on the construction of a number of small and medium-sized sports venues, build national fitness centers, community sports venues and other types of venues and facilities. The city and county nationwide fitness activities center coverage rate is more than 70%, the city streets, communities, townships (towns) outdoor fitness facilities coverage rate is more than 80%. Our province will also support the construction of Taiyuan Fenhe sports fitness corridor project. At the same time, to promote all types of public sports facilities open free or low-cost, explore the establishment of small and medium sized stadiums free, low-cost open subsidy mechanism; promote public sports facilities and enterprises with open conditions fully open to the public; school sports stadium implementation time period, area open to the public. Strengthen the sports guidance, promote "exercise prescription", play the national fitness in disease prevention and health promotion and other aspects of the positive role. At the same time, sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine should be developed, sports rehabilitation technology should be developed, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation medical institutions should be encouraged, and social capital should be established for sports, physical fitness testing and sports rehabilitation. Governments at all levels will increase capital investment, through the government purchase and consumption subsidies, the implementation of the national fitness campaign, policy research, project promotion, fitness and physical characteristics of mining science knowledge training, social sports instructors, urban and rural areas (villages and towns, streets, villages, community sports management personnel work reward etc.). To the county as a unit, government, sports departments coordinate and organize the implementation and popularization of the "national physical training standards", awarded certificates, sports badge. Where conditions permit, we can try to issue sports fitness coupons to specific groups or at a specific period of time, establish a multi-channel, market-oriented national fitness incentive mechanism, guide more people to participate in sports fitness, and encourage the increase of fitness consumption. (reporter He Baoguo)

山西:未来五年学校体育场馆将向社会适度开放   《山西省全民健身实施计划(2016—2020年)》公布   《山西省全民健身实施计划(2016—2020年)》近日公布。我省将重点建设一批便民利民的中小型体育场馆,并推动公共体育设施免费或低收费开放,探索建立中小型体育场馆免费、低收费开放补助机制。   未来5年,山西重点建设一批便民利民的中小型体育场馆,建设全民健身中心、社区多功能运动场等类型的场地设施。实现市、县全民健身活动中心覆盖率超过70%,城市街道、社区、乡(镇)室外健身设施建设覆盖率超过80%。我省还将支持太原市汾河体育健身长廊工程建设。   同时,推动各级各类公共体育设施免费或低收费开放,探索建立中小型体育场馆免费、低收费开放补助机制;推动符合开放条件的公共体育场地设施和企事业单位全面向社会开放;学校体育场馆实现分时段、分区域向社会开放。   加强体育运动指导,推广“运动处方”,发挥全民健身在疾病防治以及健康促进等方面的积极作用。同时,发展运动医学和康复医学,研发运动康复技术,鼓励建设运动性伤病防治和康复医疗机构;鼓励社会资本开办康体、体质测定和运动康复等各类机构。   各级政府将加大资金投入,通过政府购买、消费补贴等方式,实施全民健身宣传、政策研究、体育特色项目挖掘推广、健身科普知识培训、社会体育指导员、城乡基层(乡镇、街道、行政村、社区)体育管理人员工作奖励等。   以县为单位,政府主导、体育主管部门协调和组织落实,普及推广《国家体育锻炼标准》,颁发体育锻炼标准证书、证章。有条件的地方,可通过试行向特定人群或在特定时段试行发放体育健身消费券等,建立多渠道、市场化的全民健身激励机制,引导更多群众参与体育健身,鼓励增加健身消费。(记者何宝国)相关的主题文章: