Sichuan Normal University murder case hearing on November 21st, 17 days before the meeting

Sichuan Normal University murder trial in November 21st 17 days before the court session the evening of March 27, 2016, Sichuan Normal University freshman Lu Haiqing’s roommate Teng Lian Tong knife killed more than 50. In November 15th, the brother of Lu Haiqing Lu Haiqiang told the surging news (), on the morning of 15, he learned from a Lawyer Chen Fengfeng, Lu Hai Qing murder on November 21st morning in Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court. Chen Fengfeng to surging news confirmed that 15, 10 am, he received the Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court staff oral notice said, the case will be next Monday (November 21st) morning hearing, 17 days before the court session will call. According surging News reported earlier, the evening of March 27th, Sichuan Normal University freshman Lu Haiqing were roommates Teng killed, more than 50 knives in the body. The next day, the 20 year old Teng suspicion of intentional homicide jingfangxingju. For this, Chengdu District Longquanyi City Public Security Bureau was informed that due to conflicts, life 23:50 on March 27th, Teng on the Jackie Chan campus of Sichuan Normal University student apartment building 2 room by day by day from the supermarket to buy a kitchen knife to kill Lu Haiqing. In May 4th, Lu Haiqing’s brother Lu Haiqiang to suspect Teng forensic opinion notice from the police. Chengdu city Longquanyi District Public Security Bureau to hire personnel to suspect Teng is suffering from mental disorders, there is no criminal responsibility of forensic psychiatry, expert opinion is "Teng suffering from depression, illegal acts of March 27th assessed partial criminal responsibility". For the above identification results, Lu Haiqiang said not recognized, and said it would apply for re identification. In November 15th, Lu Haiqiang told surging news that the case will be on the morning of 21 in Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court, and after their families have been put forward to apply for re identification, "whether or not to re identification, the court has not yet reply". Chen Fengfeng said, in the court trial, the parties may apply for re identification and their families, the families of the deceased Lu Haiqing has applied for re examination, re identification by the court, "17 days of pretrial conference do not know when will talk about re identification of a thing".相关的主题文章: