Silver murder case cracked people set off firecrackers to celebrate with tears

Silver murder case cracked people set off firecrackers to celebrate a tearful pictured captured the scene Western Daily News (reporter Qin Peiyun) the evening of August 26th, the Baiyin sky suddenly sounded firecrackers as one falls, another rises, many uninformed people still ask: what day is today? The second day, the news shocking: Silver killer high Chengyong arrested, instant, WeChat circle, each person in the silver brush this news, all words are similar in content: the devil executed! The clouds cleared away! This cheers the people greatly! Some of the victims and people familiar with the use of WeChat in tears". The evening of August 27th, the sound of firecrackers in Baiyin more, many people until late at night to keep in the cell phone, constantly refresh the news about the murderer Gao Chengyong, want to know more information and information about the murder of the devil. For many people, this night is too long. Victims of the students: the case was finally broken at 11 am on November 30, 1998, Cui Jinping, a young woman in the silver company in the east of the silver mountain road was killed (referred to as "98· 11· case"). August 27, 2016, the reporter interviewed Cui Jinping junior high school students. The memory of the past the door was opened again as a mother of Liu Yang when it comes to this topic, the first sentence is: "the case was broken, my classmates are the spirit of the deceased can rest in peace!" Liu Yang said Cui Jinping and she is a junior high school students, then the small Cui of medium height, medium appearance, particularly introverted personality, not to speak of love, is no longer an ordinary ordinary student, then the murder occurred, the victim of social rumors that are too beautiful to lead the body to kill the evil, which makes Liu Yang very angry. Liu Yang said, her classmate Cui Jinping is not because the dress looks beautiful, murdered, just because of the killers and evil.相关的主题文章: