Super Mafia Land Flash

Music If you are a fan of free games and spend some serious time online, playing flash games, then it is most likely that you know the Super Mafia Land. It is a remake, or homage if you prefer, to the famous Super Mario Games. The Mafia Land looks pretty much like the Super Mario, in a well redesigned package. In fact, if you used to play the Super Mario Brothers 2, then you remember some of the major characters there; you will find them in Super Mafia Land flash game as well. Phantos, for instance, and Birdos are present. You will see them running around, as always, shooting eggs. The atmosphere and game play are quite similar as well. There are many tips and hints that can help a player who is new to super Mafia, but if you knew Mario, then you know that there are veggies and other items available as you go, which can help you deal effectively with your enemies and the monsters that pop up. The characters names are Bruno and Giuseppe. Your goal and task in this flash game is to run, jump hurdles and obstacles, and somehow figure out how to make your way across a land full of mobsters and enemies. The funny thing is that, as in Mario Brothers 2, the enemies exist just to make your life harder; they do not have any practical reason to exist, other than that. Vegetation is your best ally in your effort to toss the enemies away. If you injure yourself, you can collect fruits that can help you heal. There are several gateways that can help you escape. Your mustachioed man will make it if you are fast, clever and jump whenever you are supposed to, higher than your enemies. In any case, your goal is to save yourself and the world. The game play is simple. In order to move around you use the arrow keys. No mouse is allowed or practical in this case. The Up arrow key will help you climb when needed and jump, the down arrow key to duck and Power Jump, and the A will help you pick up whatever you need from the ground and run. The game moves nicely. Graphics are good, as expected in a free flash game of that kind. The environment is nicely made and the entire atmosphere is rather easy and cutesy. You will be able to select one of three available characters, although one of them is Mario-like. Dont be frustrated if you dont get past the first level, because the mob boss is quite dangerous and hard to beat. At least for those who havent played Super Mario before, the beginning could be a little daunting, as the boss seems relatively unbeatable. Dont give up though. If you are an already experienced Mario player, then you have your own secrets and know what to do and how. The Super Mafia Land flash game is a really fun game to play. Go online and enjoy your free flash game. Especially if you are a Mario fan, you will love this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: