Surplus can oil oil shocks down the test below the support waiting for inventory data guide to break incubus

Surplus oil: oil price shocks down below the support for inventory data test guidelines to break the deadlock Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Eurasian plate period oil price shocks down, although there are nearly 30 points intraday decline but mostly European trading hours, completed, and looks down more reluctantly, the minimum to 2901 position test mark integer support, if today does not fall below the 2900 position, recommended to do more dips, break through the 2900 position of anti hand short, well below the space, and on the evening of tomorrow at API data EIA, will be the breakthrough point of market, tropical storm in the past, inventory probability will return to normal, and a member of the OPEC is to increase the output of crude oil, the oil price outlook is bleak, so this oil price is below 2900 or up to 3000? We will wait and see. [basic information] official data showed that although the global oil market supply surplus situation, however, the world’s largest oil exporter Saudi Arabia July crude oil exports soared to a record high. According to the JODI database, the Saudi Crude oil exports from June 7 million 456 thousand to July 7 million 622 thousand barrels or barrels per day. Crude oil production rose from 10 million 550 thousand barrels a day in June to a barrel of about 10 million 673 thousand barrels a day in July, a record high, thanks to the growth in domestic demand and consumption. However, Saudi Arabia announced to OPEC, the country’s crude oil exports fell to 10 million 630 thousand barrels in August. Data from the joint database JODI seem to indicate that Saudi Arabia has made considerable progress in reducing its dependence on oil in the power sector. This will allow the country to export more crude oil to the international market in order to maintain its share of the international crude oil market health. Data from the joint database JODI show that the power generation of crude oil from June to 704 thousand barrels a day in July fell to 697 thousand barrels a day. Saudi domestic crude oil inventories fell from 289 million 445 thousand barrels in June to the barrel in July of 281 million 463 thousand. Crude oil refining capacity in domestic refineries rose from 2 million 381 thousand barrels in June to a barrel of about $2 million 611 thousand in July. Cost of oil exports in July to 1 million 367 thousand barrels a day, the former value of 1 million 371 thousand barrels a day. Saudi Arabia will be more crude oil used in the refining process of domestic refineries, in order to promote the country’s economic diversification, and increase its share in the global crude oil market and refined oil market. The country’s oil giant Saudi Arabia’s national oil company also plans to increase the amount of oil from the current 5 million 400 thousand barrels a day to 8 million barrels per day – 10 million barrels a day. Increasing refining capacity is part of the Saudi national oil company plans to become the world’s leading energy and chemical company in 2020, representing the future of the country’s fossil industry. China’s National Bureau of Statistics said that in August China’s gasoline production increased by 0.5% to 10 million 530 thousand tons. August China fuel oil production fell 15.9% to 2 million 170 thousand tons. Crude oil production相关的主题文章: