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UnCategorized The days of spending hours in a hot classroom, jammed in with scores of other teens going through your driver’s ed, are over. Instead, you can do your work in the .fort of your own home, with your parent by your side, and take all the time you need to learn everything properly. .puters Facilitate the Learning Process Kids today learn everything from .puters. They chat, text and network online. The idea of putting them in traditional classroom for their driver’s education just seems silly. Today, kids learn best from an interactive approach. They want multi-media presentations and multiple learning platforms, or they get bored quickly. No matter how much a teen may want to drive, the idea of doing it strictly from a lecture and paper and pencil is enough to push them to tears. Taking driver’s education on to a .puter ensures better .pliance and it also allows you, the adult, to evaluate exactly what your child has learned. The Challenge of Knowing What to Teach If you have never taught a driver’s education class, how are you supposed to know what to cover? The little booklet handed out by your state may provide just enough legal material to get your student through their permit exam, but that is about it. The fine points of driving are nowhere to be found. What skills do you teach first when you get behind the wheel? How do you instruct a child about scanning ahead? What about accident prevention, or merging onto a highway? All these are critical skills for any driver. Understanding the best methods for teaching these skills, and how to implement those lessons in a car, are beyond the knowledge of most parents. The idea of letting one’s "baby" take control of the car and drive off into the sunset is enough to give most parents a cold sweat. Fortunately, when you invest in a good .puter-based driver’s education program, all these questions are answered for you. Making it a Joint Project Once you get your copy of the .puter based program you bought, sit down and go over the materials a couple of times. Then ask your child to join you and look at it together. Load your discs, register and begin. Spend the time together, don’t just expect your child to sit down and go through the material conscientiously. That way, you can point out things that you feel are more important and add a moral and practical factor to the technical knowledge. When you are ready to move into the car and practice what you learned online, plan your experience in advance. Knowing what to expect will help both of you stay calm and focused when you get into the vehicle. Take some time to teach your child basic mechanical skills as well. Checking the oil, changing a flat, and replacing wiper blades are something every driver should be able to manage with ease. Using a .puter-based course will turn the driver’s ed experience into a pleasure, rather than a pain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: