Teacher’s Day is approaching the most suitable for teachers to use mobile phones recommended www.av7788.com

Teacher’s Day is approaching the most suitable for teachers to use mobile phones recommend an instant teacher’s Day approaching, the teachers hard! The teacher is hard gardener, bustling about everyday life is very monotonous. In this part of the teacher’s day, teachers should treat yourself. Buy a new phone, is a very good choice, both pragmatic, but also to adjust the monotony of life. Today, Sina mobile phones for teachers to introduce a number of boutique phones, we look at the following together. Vivo X7 Plus many teachers are very young, they fashion, full of vitality. So, vivo X7 Plus is a very good choice. The machine uses a larger 5.7 inch screen, 4000mAh large capacity battery, a 16 million pixel main camera, dual engine flash charging, positive fingerprint recognition injection also makes its experience more outstanding. Click on the picture to see the vivo X7 Plus X7 Plus vivo detailed information using a 5.7 inches 1080p resolution screen, built-in 4GB memory and run 64GB local storage space, using both front and rear 16 million pixel camera and equipped with Moonlight soft light, equipped with Android system based on 6.0.1, equipped with a 4000mAh capacity battery, supports dual flash engine charge, support dual sim dual standby and Netcom 4G network standard. X7 Plus also comes standard with the new XE680 HiFi half ear earplugs. Click on the picture to see the vivo X7 Plus X7 Plus vivo details design and vivo X7 equipped with a fingerprint sensor and no difference, positive, very narrow border design, the new Moonlight soft light, the back is still the three part structure of the camera and flash in the design of the vivo X6S mobile phone is very similar, more rounded outline. In addition, the vivo X7 Plus speaker and microphone at the bottom of the fuselage design is the same as before, but before the configuration at the top of the 3.5mm headset Kong Gai to the bottom of the fuselage. X7 Plus using real-time reverberation ears back, the first AKM of the new custom program AK4376, the measured signal to noise ratio of up to 116dB, in addition to a strategic cooperation with QQ music, sharing lossless music copyright HiFi+. Vivo X7 Plus reference price: 2798 yuan Samsung GALAXY C7 (parameter quote forum software) Samsung GALAXY C7 is a specialized group of young people in mainland China Chinese customized mobile phone, both the appearance and the system have done a targeted optimization. The machine uses 5.7 inches 1080P display, equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM storage combination, front camera is 8 million pixels, rear camera is 16 million pixels, running Android system. Click on the picture to view Samsung GALAXY C7 details Samsung GALAXY yuan相关的主题文章: