The 16 year old Ningde girl was strangled after a police suspect suspected dead truffe

The 16 year old Ningde girl was strangled after the suspects suspected postmortem a police duty at the scene of the police on duty at the scene of the police in Fu’an city in the mountain road was closed, passing to bypass, heard that there was a woman in the hotel was killed……" The evening of September 17th, WeChat circle of friends spread rapidly with this message: "Fu’an a man suspected in the hotel will be a woman killed postmortem, the police blocked the scene." This morning, reporters from the Fu’an Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that the circle of friends spread of women killed postmortem murder case, the suspect Lin in his father’s company has surrendered to the police. Network transmission Lin 26 years old this year, and the woman killed this year, only 16 years old. Network transmission Fu’an a woman killed postmortem late on September 17th at 9:30 pm, a Fu’an woman was killed after the postmortem WeChat news quickly spread in the circle of friends, there are also pictures video content. Reporters from the relevant video and picture information to see, some netizens said that Fu’an city wear road sections has been the local police blockade blockade causes murder occurred in the region origin. Reporters saw in the video uploaded by users, the police cordoned off the scene, the scene of a large number of police and police cars. Netizen "A business small coffee Futron didi" said, I heard a woman derailed after a man was killed. Fu’an local informed sources, the assailant is a local police, because of emotional disputes under the ruthless hand, the woman killed and mutilated bodies, but this argument has not been confirmed by police. According to the Fu’an Public Security Bureau released the September 17th evening bulletin, 17 evening, Lin suspects his father went to the Fu’an Municipal Public Security Bureau said the day early in the morning for surrender, with female friends (identity unknown origin) the quarrel, the woman strangled postmortem. At present, the suspect Lin has been controlled by the police, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: