The appearance of cross suite behind Santana real car to the shop (video) dachiyouxiang

The appearance of Cross suite behind Santana real car to the shop recently, we saw the market in September Chengdu auto show Volkswagen Santana Cross in Shanghai (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) vehicle. Appearance it adds a lot of Cross style suite, it seems quite chic. Compared to the Santana · Haona, this Cross version of the car in front of the grille was redesigned, installed a new style honeycomb grid combined with chrome trim, front styling more exquisite sense. "Driving" as the recovery of historical sense – driving is Santana inlet and fog lights of the old car the car component value has also been redesigned, with a silver and black color scheme, to highlight the crossover style. Black surrounded in this car naturally not absent, it is still Haona Santana · based on the increase of the roof rack, and the back door labeled "CROSS SANTANA" text lahua. The rearview mirror has used the silver black color, and rim using dual color dual five spoke shape is more atmosphere. It is equipped with HANKOOK Kinergy EX tires, specifications of 19555 R16. The new car styling with Santana · the other Haona are basically the same, but it is in the next place surrounded with a new design, and the rear of the car is not popular models of common code identification models. The new car is still using the popular family style strong interior design, the overall seems more concise. Each function module is not familiar with the familiar Volkswagen models, and the initial contact will not be difficult. The new car is equipped with a touch control screen, support SD card, AUX audio and USB audio input. In addition, MIB system, a single automatic air conditioning, Clean Air air purification systems are equipped with. Fabric leather + orange and black chair surface is the interior of the Cross model highlights, the main driving seat 6 to the manual adjustment, with a central rear armrest, the head of the pillow and the three points of the three seat belt. Electric sunroof absent, trunk size manufacturers were not released from the size and Santana · Haona; there is no difference between the depth of 830-1600mm, width 1000mm, height 850mm. The suspension, the car with the former Mcpherson independent suspension, after the non independent torsion beam suspension configuration. The car will still be equipped with a maximum output power of 110 horsepower 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the transmission system is matched with a 6 speed automatic transmission.相关的主题文章: