The battle of gold price ending today is a link between the preceding and the following-winflash

The price of gold today ending the war in order to "nexus" gold investment network February 5th hearing, since 2016 officially opened the rebound pattern, the price of gold from 1046 to the current 1146 highs, or has reached 100 dollars, in the global economic situation is increasingly tense and the world’s major central bank to implement the low interest rate environment, this year may be the starting point the official price of gold out of the bear market. 1. the price of gold repeatedly mentioned this wave of 1046 do a complete copy of the market rebound in late August 2015 and early September, completed by the two wave of the market, the first wave of 1046-1058-1112, and then adjust the daily level of a pullback after repeated again after finishing high refresh. That was 1072-1170-1098-1191, exactly the same way. 2. before the high point, the international gold price predicted two, one is the 1126-1128 position, the market encountered this position, we also gave hanging operation, the lowest retracement of 1108.5 lines, another high point is the 1155-1160 area, yesterday evening has been achieved. 3., understand the main rhythm of the market, so the international gold price in the near future, the overall operation is still very beautiful, although the week arrangement less operation, but the idea and direction of interpretation is perfect. 4. do you have the opportunity to make a preliminary judgment for 1160? Around 1160 is the big 65 week downward trend line for two consecutive years, and the 1307 high in 2015 broke the line, and the 1234 and 1191 highs tested this position very well. And this is also just around the test location, so the international gold prices need to focus on repeated testing of this position performance. 5. for the non-agricultural market anticipation, after ADP under the bad market down repeatedly or out of the sun, the farm we expect it is hard to change the short-term market strong, the daily average of 510 days based on long intact, yesterday is showing strong upside, so call the same ideas on short term based on 1143-1130. Today, the price of gold again pulled up, touch 1160 near, you can test the empty list, stop 1164, target 1152-1146. Today, if the price of gold in the evening to 1145-1143, you can layout more than one, stop 1140, target 1158-1160. Short term 1160 focus, long attack not broken or appear top signal, beware of top, of course, if the direct effective break down, then will further test 1170-1185 line. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

今日黄金价格收官之战为了“承上启下”   金投网2月5日讯,自2016年正式开启反弹模式以来,黄金价格从1046到目前的1146高点,涨幅已经达到100美金,在全球经济形势愈发紧张和全球主要央行实施低利率的大环境下,本年度或许是黄金价格正式摆脱熊市的起点。   1.前期黄金价格反复提到过这波1046的做底反弹完全复制了2015年八月底九月初的行情,通过二波行情完成,第一波1046-1058-1112,而后日线级别的调整变成了回调行情,之后反复整理之后再度刷新高点。那次是1072-1170-1098-1191,完全一样的走法。   2.此轮高点之前国际金价预判了两个,一个是1126-1128位置,行情遇到这个位置我们也给出了挂空操作,最低回撤1108.5一线,另外一个高点就是1155-1160区域,昨日晚间已经实现。   3.明白了行情的主节奏,所以国际黄金价格近期整体操作的还是非常漂亮的,尽管周内安排操作较少,但是思路和主方向解读非常完美。   4.对于1160是否有机会做顶的预判?1160附近为周线大级别连续两年的65日下降趋势线,2015年的1307高点虚破此线,1234和1191高点都很好的测试了这个位置。   而此次目前也刚好测试到这个位置附近,所以国际黄金价格需要重点关注反复测试此位置的表现。   5.对于本次非农行情预判,ADP利空之下行情冲高回落反复之后还是拉出了大阳,此次非农我们预计也难改行情短期的强势,日线依托510日均线多头排列完好,昨日更是呈现极强上攻,所以短期依托1143-1130之上看涨思路不变。   今日金价再度拉高触及1160附近可以测试空单,止损1164,目标1152-1146。   今天金价晚间若给到1145-1143可以布局多单,止损1140,目标1158-1160。   短期1160重点关注,久攻不破或出现顶部信号,谨防做顶当然如果直接有效突破打掉那么将进一步测试1170-1185一线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: