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Landscaping-Gardening As any cook or chef will tell you, having the best stand mixer in your kitchen is very important to the success of your favorite recipes. For as far back as anyone can remember there has been the steady workhorse stand mixer in the middle of those favorite holiday meals and baked goods. Stand mixers have developed from basic mixing to doing a variety of things with multiple functions and attachments. Kitchen Aid is the leader for the best stand mixer on the market today with the most varieties of attachments and uses possible for a mixer. Of course, by itself the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer such as the Artisan Series Stand Mixer .es with a powerful 325 watt motor and 10 adjustable speed controls that will allow you to make all your favorite baked goods. Grandmas cookie recipe can be mixed up in a snap and never tasted so good! The Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer .es with flat beater, wire whip and dough hook so you can make all your favorite recipes with ease. The Artisan .es in a variety of colors to match any kitchen dcor. For the serious cook, the Kitchen Aid Professional Series Stand Mixer is for you. The powerful 575 watt motor, direct-drive transmission, 10 speed control and 6 quart stainless steel bowl tackles the toughest of dough or batter recipes you can imagine. It also includes a dough hook for breads, wire whip for egg whites and flat beater for folding specialty ingredients into your batter. This Professional Series Mixer is available in a range of designer colors such as metallic silver to Empire Red. Kitchen Aid provides a huge selection of attachments that fit all their stand mixer styles. These attachments will expand your Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers capabilities and turn it into a variety of appliances. The most popular attachment that Kitchen Aid makes for its best stand mixer is the Food Grinder Attachment. It .es with fine or course grind options, and if you enjoy homemade sausage as my family does include the Sausage Stuffer Kit to your purchase. The Kitchen Aid Attachment Pack .es with a selection of slicers, strainers, chopper blades and shredding cones that will turn your stand mixer into a food processor. For those who love pasta and would like to make their own fresh noodles, try the Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker attachment that includes different shape discs to make your favorite type of noodle shape. Kitchen Aid is one of the best stand mixer choices you could make. Start with the basic stand mixer such as the Classic or Artisan style and add attachments whenever you can. With the large variety of attachments available for your Kitchen Aid, everyone will know what to buy you for a gift for any occasion. The variety of uses for a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is endless. Have fun cooking and creating. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: