The breakdown of automobile high-tech configuration all LCD panel

The breakdown of automobile high-tech configuration: all LCD dashboard car has existed since ancient times, as the industrial art in general, accompanied by a different tempo, the evolution of a variety of new technology of automobile will keep pace with the times, the LCD panel is the product of modern science and technology. The quality of the liquid crystal panel uneven in quality on the market, and consumers generally exist on their cognitive shortage. What is the LCD panel, we know that is worth paying for it? As the name implies, full use of LCD dashboard is the LCD screen, the liquid crystal molecules generated by the current stimulus point line and plane lamp with a back screen, and the traditional display than the picture color is more soft, the picture is there will be no flicker. Different from the traditional dashboard, LCD dashboard can give drivers a better interactive experience. He can show more traffic information in more detail, from a certain extent to enhance the active safety; and the driver can choose according to their own different display style, to create a more brilliant effect, the car’s sense of science and technology to enhance the sense of quality and very helpful. If there is anything wrong with the LCD panel is mainly concentrated in two areas, one is the complexity of the system to enhance the reliability of the challenge; the two is the high cost. It is precisely because of the high cost, so the LCD panel on a number of high-end cars to see.   a new energy vehicle. The LCD dashboard is just need for new energy vehicles, because of new energy vehicles need to display more information on the dashboard, for example shows the remaining power and energy recovery, the current driving mode of information and so on, and these information only on the dashboard is not enough to show the. So in a lot of new energy vehicles can see the figure of the LCD panel. But usually due to cost constraints, we see in the new energy vehicles LCD dashboard texture is not good enough.            . Two. In the last few years, more and more high-end cars are beginning to use the whole LCD panel. The last generation Land Rover Range Rover is the first full LCD instrument models, since then, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Cadillac and so on luxury brands have also follow the trend, at the launch of the new car in this high-tech configuration application. The following will give you a brief description of the three most impressed me the whole lcd.     TOP1. Mercedes Benz S class as Benz flagship model, S must be enough luxury enough domineering, from this point on his dashboard reflects the most incisive. 12.3 inch LCD panel connected with the central control screen, creating a strong visual impact; screen resolution of 1440*540 pixels, the instrument information to show fine. If you are a science and technology control, will be the first to fall in love with S.   TOP2. Audi TT Audi launched this year on the models, almost all can see the figure of the whole LCD Meter, and Audi is the first to use this feature is listed last year, TT. And Mercedes Benz S class the same.相关的主题文章: