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The British court ruled off the European Parliament approved the first match to have confidence in winning the appeal – Sohu news Beijing November 5,   according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) Chinese network reported that the British High Court ruled that the government may not start the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth out of the EU program launched after Prime Minister Teresa? Mei said, have the confidence to win the appeal. Three judges of the high court in November 3rd ruled that the British government without the approval of the parliamentary vote shall not start the process of removal of europe. The British government has launched an appeal against the high court ruling, all 11 judges will be heard at the beginning of December. At the same time, Phillips, a Conservative MP, announced his resignation as a result of a "irreconcilable" conflict with the government, Mr. Steven. Some conservative lawmakers, including Mr Phillips, have called on the government to negotiate with Parliament in a bid to take off the EU’s negotiating strategy, accusing officials of ignoring the views of members. The prime minister’s Office spokesman said Teresa? May in the call the 4 European Commission President Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the British government ruling disappointed in the day before the court, but the government is focused on the Supreme Court of appeal, we have confidence in winning the case, and start the "Treaty of Lisbon" fiftieth". If the appeal fails, then the British government is expected to release some of the new regulations, so that the house and the Senate lawmakers vote. At present, as the Liberal Democratic Party of former Deputy Prime Minister of European Affairs spokesman Nick? Clegg said that the party is willing to and some members of both houses of Parliament on a request to amend the law, let the government to seek to make the UK to stay in the EU single market "soft from europe". After analysis, the British Parliament majority of congressional support for Europe, but many voting constituency support from Europe, the future if Congress can vote for Europe off negotiations, members should according to their own views, or constituency of voters to vote? If the final decision of Congress and the government’s plan is different, fear of political chaos, adverse EU negotiations. British media said that if the political turmoil is serious, there may be an early election, but it takes 2/3 of the lower house of Congress agree, coupled with the current poll, the Conservative Party’s support rate ahead of the Labour Party, the Labour Party members should not easily take action. But the prime minister’s spokesman played down on the government may be an early election statement, stressed that Teresa? Not Mei elections in 2020 before.相关的主题文章: