The door of the lake becomes a wall what are the magic developers

The lake in door fence: developers what magic flicker original title: when developers fooled into a traditional Author: Gao Yazhou is located in Hunan Kunlun district and Changsha nanteau street, adjoined Kunlun lake. Real estate developers, playing fifty thousand square meters of natural lakes, open the door of the lake, the slogan, attracting a lot of people spend a lot of money here. Who lived 5 years later, the owners learned that this is the developer of the lake rent, the owners and developers are not property rights, but also part of the building is still part of the wall built by the lake, said to be out of security considerations". (Xiaoxiang Morning Herald "October 13th)" fifty thousand square meters of natural lake, Lake in the open door ", by such propaganda, the market has so many buyers want to let your mind go. Now, the path along the cliff wall fence disrepair, decadent, towering into the sky, the lake in the door was gone, that natural lake became a "rented Lake", said the lake in the lake, a sigh. Today, the indignant owners that developers are advertising really fooled. Developers have to say fudge is traditional, is quite a skill. As the Internet spread scripts: built in the heart of downtown real estate, will be "out of print lots of gold, the wealth"; built in remote mountains in the market, must be "Royal mountain range rover, natural oxygen"; built in the school next to the market, must be "why choose o Meng a family of scholar,"; in our next real estate, must be "to be blessed, near noble descent". With the lake, that does not allow developers in advertising on a powerful and unconstrained style. If this is the developers Huyou, developers apparently to innocence, they stood up and said: the original advertising, but said the area near the Kunlun lake is an advantage, the owners can enjoy the nearby, like Riverview Room, the owners have to appreciate the advantages, but does not mean that Xiangjiang was allocated to the owners. This seems to be irrefutable. But, at the beginning of the "open the door of the lake," with this now, "the nearest appreciation" is really the same thing? Take Xiangjiang analogy, it seems reasonable, there is a logical flaw: it is close to Xiangjiang, location advantages, and said, "open the door, said Hu Ju" is not only the geographical advantages, but the supporting environment description. To play the word game, of course, is a skill. However, if not seriously, will eventually be back. Such a hammer trading, even if it can really make a profit, not the brand and reputation, so developers can go far? For those grievances the owners of a lake is serious, for their legitimate rights and interests of the demands of expression, regardless of winning or losing, is related to the commercial civilization, market participants can abide by the spirit of the contract, can follow the spirit of the rule of law. In any case, consumers can not become the truth, can not always be fooled by the party. Of course, the owners need to be serious, but this still can not become the logical starting point of the proliferation of the flood. In this regard, the real need to ask, the developer of the fudge tradition come from? Who contributed their talk? Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: