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Mobile-Cell-Phone If you are looking for a phone that is both indestructible and full of features, the JCB Pro-Talk Toughphone is the phone that have been looking for. With the other phones made by JCB, you get tough phones. However, they lack the modern features that we have grown accustomed to. Here, you will get to know more about the key features of this tough touch screen mobile phone. Waterproof You can submerge the phone in water for a long time and the phone will still function. This feature is more useful than one can imagine. How often have we accidentally poured our drinks on our phones or accidentally dropped them in the toilet. Although we oftentimes do not admit this, it does happen a lot. With the Pro-Talk, water damage will never be a problem. Dustproof One of the main reasons phones get damaged is due to something we can barely see. This is dust. Dust can create mayhem to phones. This is why you should do your best to keep your mobile phone dust-free. With the Pro-Talk, this will not be a problem. You can be confident that the phone will not get damaged through exposure to dust. Dual Sim There are a lot of people who have more than one numbers. However, they only have one phone. You can imagine how time-consuming it can be to switch from one sim card to another. This will not be a problem with the JCB Pro-Talk Toughphone. With dual sim capabilities, you can have two sim cards in one phone. 8 Channel Two-Way Radio The phone .es with an 8 channel two-way radio. This gives you more than way to .municate. This will allow you to use the touch screen mobile phone just like a walkie-talkie. This is another unique feature of the JCB Pro-Talk Toughphone. 2 MP Camera Other models of JCB do not .e with integrated cameras. This phone does. This means that you can capture images wherever you go. This is a feature we have grown accustomed to. Now, you get a tough camera phone with the Pro-Talk. Touch Screen Did you ever think that a touch screen can take this much abuse. With this tough phone, it is possible. The phone is both waterproof and shock proof. Furthermore, you can touch, tap, and drag just like any other modern phone. This is what makes the JCB Pro-Talk Toughphone indestructible and full of features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: