The Killers Tickets – See A Rising American Rock Band

Arts-and-Entertainment The Killers tickets may be relatively new to the overall music scene, but the band has been gathering a loyal following since its formation. The Killers are difficult to classify, as some think of them as a Synth rock band while others consider them pure alternative rock. Regardless of their genre classification, a look at the band’s history will help to explain how they’ve .e to occupy a position of prominence. Early Beginnings All four of the band’s members came from humble beginnings. Singer Brandon Flowers had dropped out of college and was working at a Las Vegas hotel as a bellhop. Guitarist David Keuning grew up in Iowa and dropped out of the University of Iowa before moving to Las Vegas and working at a retail clothing store. Bassist Mark Stoermer was a student at UNLV and was paying his way through school as a medical courier. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci was studying percussion at UNLV and was working odd jobs, including spending time as a pedicab driver in a Las Vegas resort and as a photographer in a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The band got its start after Flowers left his existing band when he refused to move to Los Angeles with them, and he answered an ad in the newspaper that was placed by Keuning that listed Oasis as a musical influence. Flowers had recently attended an Oasis concert and was inspired by their style. Flowers and Keuning began to rehearse together and found almost instant synergy in their styles and artistic directions. The band ultimately came together with Vannucci and Stoermer, and they decided to name themselves The Killers after Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same name. The four started to rehearse together, and it wasn’t long before they were playing in local clubs. It wasn’t long before they were discovered, and they signed their first record deal in 2002, and the band moved to England to work on both their live act and to put in some time in the studio. Success The Killers tickets became a sensation when the band started playing larger live gigs in Europe, and while this was happening they were also writing and .posing their first album. That first album, Hot Fuss, was released in 2004, and was a huge success all over the world. The album went 3x platinum in the United States, 4x platinum in the UK and climbed to the top of the charts in Australia and Canada. The Killers had arrived. As the band’s profile continued to rise, they began to make appearances on several big-time stages. They appeared at the Live 8 show, played live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, performed on the set of The Late Show with David Letterman and appeared as the musical host on Saturday Night Live. As their name recognition grew, the band got back to work on their second studio release. Sam’s Town was put out in October of 2006, and it’s already gone gold in several countries and climbed to the top of several charts. Their sound is consistent with their first cut, and they incorporate elements of electronica and traditional rock and roll into every single they record. Overall, The Killers tickets will introduce you to a relatively new band, but one that has an opportunity to make a lasting mark on the music scene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: