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The new board received: board making index three Yang card network (reporter Wang Wei) board making index today to 1079.13 points after the opening, once concussion, fell below its 5 day moving average gradually began to shock rebound, then around the opening price fluctuations in a narrow range near the closing index quickly pulled, closing at 1080.29 points, up 0.11%. Turnover of 245 million yuan. In today’s new board appears 915 stocks traded, outrace the largest increase, the increase of 584.93%, Jiangxi blue, Jiantong mapping, Austrian oil chemical industry, Zhuang Yuan, Magna and the great sea flux also rose more than 100%. Today, the largest decline in stock for VOII technology, specifically a decrease of 97.06%, followed by the cloud network, Litong hydraulic, unionsun assets and Han Yi assets decline is more than 70%. In terms of the transaction, today’s three new board turnover of more than 10 million stocks have 8. Among them, the turnover and the hero anda technology mutual entertainment reached 46 million 295 thousand and 600 yuan and 40 million 382 thousand yuan, Kaiyuan securities and Silicon Valley paradise turnover exceeded 20 million yuan.相关的主题文章: