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"The party will" take on CIC   the 15 billion 400 million Party public fear turn – Taiwan Channel – original title: "property" with 15 billion 400 million Party Kuomintang at CIC held public fear turn to the Taiwan authorities "improper Party committee" of the hearing, the KMT vice chairman Zhan Qixian 7, held a press conference said that hearing a lot of legal flaws, legal action will follow one by one, he will in particular billboard announced KMT political donations account and query line. (picture taken from Taiwan when the electronic newspaper Chinese) Taiwan news network October 8th according to "Taiwan times" reported that the Taiwan authorities China, "improper property Commission" 7 on the CIC and Yutai Xin company, held the first hearing, to clarify the relationship between the Kuomintang and the. "Property will be prepared, according to the information disclosure, as of December 31, 2015, the company’s total assets of about 26 billion 500 million yuan (NT, the same below), liabilities 11 billion 100 million yuan, net worth about 15 billion 400 million yuan, while Yutai Hin capital amounted to 199 million yuan. After the hearing if the two companies is that the KMT attached organization, and is presumed to have improper property ownership will be down there. The first hearing 3 controversial according to reports, this is relevant the survival of hearing as early as before the official start of the two sides had been fighting. CIC and Yutai Hin think this hearing members stand biased, to "submit" before submitting the application, the party chairman and requested the hearing chairman Gu Lixiong "," party will be full-time members and spokesman Shi Jinfang two people, and 4 experts attending the challenge. At the start of the meeting, Gu Lixiong announced Yutai Hin CIC and the application, in addition to the application outside of the "property" members then group meetings, 10 minutes after the provisional committee chairman Zhang Shixing announced that Gu Lixiong and Shi Jinfang not biased, as 4 experts also "non official administrative procedure law" definition a ruling authority, 6 per capita does not need to be avoided. Based on the above reasons the CIC’s application for withdrawal and Yan Yutai dismissed, easily blocked surprise. The views of experts and scholars one-sided "property" according to the statement, the 3 dispute hearing yesterday to clarify the difference is whether CIC and Xin Yutai accompanying the Kuomintang organization? Shares held by directors and supervision Yutai CIC and Xin Chen tree 5 is held by the Kuomintang trust? CIC and Yutai whether equity Hin is a property of the Kuomintang improperly obtained, whether should be public, autonomous counties transfer group or the original owner of all. Even if the KMT in the hearing from history, procedure and the rule of law at all levels to defend it, but still lost to prepare enough "assets", 5 experts and scholars invited is overwhelmingly pointed out that CIC, Yutai Hin is the KMT attached organization. The Kuomintang line tube Council Chairman Qiu Dazhan complained that this hearing is not the result we all know, the judges are with the same group of people, there is a player and referee. Blue: the prosecution and judges of the same batch of exhibition Qiu pointed out that "improper property regulations" is terrible in the past 71 years had bought the Kuomintang)相关的主题文章: