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The Pujiang forum ended "off topic" Europe "cold, The Belt and Road" hot – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 26 (Zheng Yingying) 26, CO sponsored by the Ministry of science and technology Chinese and Shanghai Pujiang Innovation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Pujiang forum") ended, after Germany, Finland, Russia and Ross Israel, the United Kingdom for the first time to participate in this forum guest country status. This time the British government with a large delegation of 159 participants in the academic world, the outside world is expected to lead to take off the topic of heat, in fact, otherwise. In Britain, on behalf of the host country play a leading role in the forum, the 7 speakers, only the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Council Chairman Richard Parker mentioned in the introduction of a European research project covering, "Europe is very important for us, Britain withdraw from the EU is a blow," and said, "just heard this project will continue, we feel a lot easier". Nevertheless, in the context of Europe, the United Kingdom on the impact of global scientific and technological innovation cooperation concern. Walport, the chief scientific adviser to the UK government and director of the office of government science Mark, previously mentioned that, in an increasingly globalized world, Britain’s departure from the EU is bound to pose a challenge. "But the UK is still a very open country, by a partnership between the two countries will become more and more strong." Chinese Minister of science and technology Wan Gang pointed out during the forum, the Chinese and British cooperation in the field of science and technology should take the first step, from the golden age to the platinum era". The 4 day of the forum, can also be seen in the field of science and technology innovation sparks sparks. In the field of science and technology finance, innovative culture, intelligent manufacturing and industrial data, such as the number of points in the forum, the frequency of the British representative figure. "Graphene" father, Nobel prize winner Constantine Novoselov? This forum is one of the "Reds", he said in an interview that Britain has a lot of cooperation in the field of graphene, HUAWEI cooperation with University of Manchester in graphene is exemplary. Is the ninth session of the Pujiang forum for the first time this year, set up "The Belt and Road symposium, very hot. Not only from Thailand, Nepal, Laos, Mongolia and China, officials and scholars, but also to attract the participants in Germany, Australia and other developed countries. On the day of the meeting, more than 3 hours of the conference basically no one left. Many participants pointed out that the "The Belt and Road" is not only a matter of countries along. The director of the center for strategic Institute of Geographic Resources "The Belt and Road" of Liu Weidong that "The Belt and Road" is not Chinese government projects, but as a public service platform to provide the world capital flows, the enterprises and the capital can participate in. The German Research Center of Tongji University distinguished researcher Maximilian Mayer also said that the development of the East and West polarization gradually disappear, "Eurasian moment" has come, "it is self-evident importance of Belt and Road Initiative". (end)相关的主题文章: